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I saw one of Cloud Gate's program last year in Europe. I heard they were from Taiwan. Is there any new program this yeaar? I wanna see one more when I stay in Taipei. 

started by: Ophe Hsia · last update: 1474246691 · posted: 1472086422

National Theater Concert Hall is said undrr renovation. I love seeing programs there. During this period, how can we enjoy the entertainment programs? Please share the alternative here if you know. Tks!

started by: Amb-P-852418 · last update: 1469672740 · posted: 1468801985

People said annual outdoor Jazz concert is available and free. Do you have this year's ttimeframe? Please share with jme here.

started by: T-T-852646 · last update: 1469407899 · posted: 1468455916

It's said Kenny Rogers' final concert is held next month. Does it mean he is retireing? When is the concert in Taipei?

started by: Amb-P-852418 · last update: 1469057179 · posted: 1466037492

It's said this yesr's Taipei Film Festival was kicked off. When Is it and its venue? Any advice is thankful!

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A group of Taiwanese discussedd something excitinglly, I only heard an English name, Sarah Brightman.  is she coming to Taipei? Please give me more information, ex. Date & location. 

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May I have detail info of Girl Power, Colbie Caillat's concer? Hope it did not pass. 

started by: Ophe Hsia · last update: 1464224312 · posted: 1464137025

It's saiod Joyce Jonathan is coming to Taiwan. Willll her concert be available in Taipei? As I can not find any one here in Taipei, please advise venue and date. Deeply grateful!

started by: Ophelia-10059711 · last update: 1462580695 · posted: 1461891271

I heard Berliner Philharmoniker and Simon Rattle Is coming Taipei for a live concert in May. When is it? Hope not in the early May, otherwise, I can't find a ticket for me and my kids. 

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OMG! I just saw an old news about Prince, he passed away 2 days ago! Was it because of disease? I know he is fifty something, not an old age. How come so suddenly? Is the caused found out? Please share me what you know.

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Hi, hii, it's said Crazy Horse make people crazyy. Is it a horse show? If not, wwhat is it? Can I find it in Taipei?

started by: Amb-P-852418 · last update: 1461201277 · posted: 1460335745

UOops...the Panama papers revealed many famous people worldwide were involved. Is it possible to have full list?

started by: So-H-852291 · last update: 1458561459 · posted: 1458004447

Someone discussed Richard Marx concert on MRT. I didn't know it until that. Did it pass? If not yet, please advise time and veenue. Thanks!

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Does anyone know where I can rent adult size Halloween costumes please?

started by: Martian-10063557 · last update: 1455698676 · posted: 1455026359

I heard that Jazz singer, Diana Krall is ccoming for her live e concert in Taipei. When is it? Is it possible to be on Valentine's day forr my lovely girl friend? 

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Omyga! Glenn Frey passed away. Can I find Eagle's classic albums herre?

started by: Chauncey-10063579 · last update: 1454584449 · posted: 1454012143

My friend recommend me seeing  the show of Butterfly Circus. Can I find its program in Taiwan? Detail info iss appreciated!

started by: Ditte-10063581 · last update: 1454372235 · posted: 1453366616

My little princesr was told new Disneyland would open soon in China. She wanna us to take her there. When willk it open? Any tour package available thenn?

started by: Martian-10063557 · last update: 1453972035 · posted: 1452716654

Oh..uh....Madonna is coming Taipei for a concert. When I heard the news, all tickets were already sold out. Any possiblcity to get one? 

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The news mentioned that Netflix was arriving Taiwan. Is it as good as introduction? Anyone who experienced, your advice is thankful.

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