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I'm an Associate Professor at Seville University (Spain) having received a Fellowship from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (ROC) to conduct research in National Chengchi University (Taipei) for five months (April 1st-August 31st, 2017). I wish to receive some information regarding possibilities of enrolling my daughter (5 years old) in a bilingual school for that period of time, or at least for some months. She is quite fluent in English but doesn't speak any Chinese. Therefore, I would prefer bilingual teaching, or just English. Thank you very much in advance for your assistance. Looking forward to receiving your news. Yours sincerely, Prof. Llera

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My son love to collect stamps. He heard an exhibition is helding in Taipei and asked for seeing it. If you know it, please advise detailed info heree.

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It's time for kids to get back to schools. People said Pokemon made school have new regulationsd for students. What are they? I hope my kids won"t be fined. 

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A group chat aboutCamping at Taipei 101. But I caught no info how to join the camping. Can you tell me if you know? Gratitude!

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People said Taipei city hold art festival for kids. Is it only exhibition available? Or it has art courses for kids@ ? 

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My son isba big fan of panda. I heard that Taipei Zoo is holdings Yuan Zai's birthday party. How can I take my son to join it? Any fee?

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Yeahh..I wad told thatAmusement Park discount in summer

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Zenbot personal robot was introduced in Computex last week. Is it suitable for elder home care? If yes, when will it launch? How much?

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Yas... my local friends discussed two Taiwanese restaurants are on the list iof #Asias 50 #Best #Restaurants. May I know their name s and telephoness? Plan a family dinner there. 

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I heard that Xinzhuang Civil Sports Center was grand opening recently. How far is it from Shilhlin Dist., Taipei City? Anything special there for kids? Is there any activitiy for a whole family with 5 grade child? 

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A brief news introduced a Japanese hotel serves guests by robots with a photo. Looksss interesting. It mentioned no namee. I Googled and found 2 hotels. Can some one share experience if you stay anyone of them? Which one will be suitable for family tour with kids? Thnks!

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Oopsss... My Taiwanese colleague invite me to their home on May 8. It's coincidently Mother's Dayy. What kind of gift is suggested for such occasion?

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Hah... it's time to plan summer vacation for my family again. Early birds have discount. I heard that TripAdvisor's 2016 Travelers' Choice Destination awards is releasedd anddd  travelers' choice destinations. May I know the full list for reference? 

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Can someone help mee to understand what kind music of Metro Vocal Group's live concert is, as none of our family members joined their concert before? Is it ok to bring my kids to listen to Metro Vocal Group? They are under 9 years old. Any sharing is grateful!

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Oh..oh...Children's Day is around the cornrer. Is any good event here for my kids? I don't wanna just to bring them to the amusement parks. Anything else, please advise. 

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My kids are big fans of Peppa Pig. I heardd that they are coming Taiwan for a good show with interactions with kids. When are they coming? With venue information is super grateful!

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It's said Lavishh Valentine's Day Travel Package. Where is the destination? How much will it cost? Any other info available?

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Is there any outlet in Taipei for my family's CNY preparation? New clothes and more?

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I shoppef on SHOPBOP frequentlym in my home town. Is it available here in Taipei? 

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I was told there is a famous magician in Taiwan who plays on TV.  Where can I find one of his show for my kids? Please advise venue as well. Application!

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