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Hey, I have many unused contact lens. Can I sell it on the  internet? If can't, please advise another way.

started by: Anonym-a-860670 · last update: 1473210456 · posted: 1471664029

What is Grit Formula? I ssaw it on a DM for a course. Is it something about financial? If yes, I am interested in the detail. Many thnks!

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Oh, noooo.... people chat on MRT abour a new regulation in Xinyi shopping area, if against It, we got fined. What's thhe detail??? Many tks~

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Wow...peer-to-peer lending, I saw it on a magazine. How can we do it? Is it legal in Taiwan? Can we do it with banks for reliability? Any sharing is appreciated.

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E courses are popular, such as Coursera. But I heard that not all of them aree recognized by local education organization. May I know their legality? Gratitude!

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I saw a story mentioned new words "digital inheritance". What is it?what can I inherent??

started by: Ophelia-10059711 · last update: 1460736037 · posted: 1459471522

It's said American legacy airline is offering low fare ticketss. When is it? ls international route available? Grateful for further info.

started by: So-H-852291 · last update: 1460129277 · posted: 1459212806

 Phubber is fined in my y mother country. How about here? How much will it bee?

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Today's news is about a flying camera hit Taipei 101. Even though no demange of the skyscrape, as it is the 2nd one to hit it, Taipei Govenment is considering to make a law to prevent any damage and safety. I love flying cameras as they help me to take photos I can't take due to height. However, I also agree safety is the first priority. So will it become illegal in Taipei? How do you think? When will it be announced?

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OMG! The news said Barclays iss going leave few Asia market, Taiwan is one of them. Is it bank business or investment service? Justt need to know what my account will be impact. 

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Uh..hm..my nebor mentioned water fare is passed to upside when we met just now. but he don't know the details. Please tell me when and how much impact. Thank you!

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Even though MRT is quite convenient here, I still need to import my car from my mother country after discussion wikth the people. Can I avoid tax? And how?

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A local news stateDD Uber is illegal here. If so, why can it still serve passengers? Doess it bring we passengers any penalty as we take illegal Uber?

started by: Amy-10063568 · last update: 1455563217 · posted: 1454616121

What iss it? I heard some people discussed "Affordable Luxury", but could not get it from their conversation. Can you help me to understand correctly? Grateful!

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It's said the stock market will change after President Election in Taiwan. How is it changing this time, after Saturday?

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What???? Robots can serve as lawyers and pharmacists. Do they need to pass the certification examinations?

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Yup...its said food price dropped. May I know what they were?

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Gee! A local news stated taxi fee is going up. When will it be? Upsidee rate and any othrr places exclusive of Taipei? Many Tks!

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OMG! It's said China's stockmarket crashes again. Will it impact on Asia or Taiwan's? I am worried about my investment. 

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Uh...oh... it's a new year. Is there any new policy here in Taiwan?

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