started by: Longshan · last update: 1450491736 · posted: 1450106279

Does anyone know what the regulations are for building work noise disturbance please? Our neighbours are currently driving us mad with their incessant drilling and banging!!

started by: Pinyin · last update: 1447992921 · posted: 1447114378

I need a translator to translate a Mandarin business contract into English. Can you recommend someone please? It needs to be a professional translator however.

started by: Wade · last update: 1440696682 · posted: 1439244144

Hi there, we are considering purchasing a smallish apartment here and we would like to speak to a legal advisor used to assisting non Taiwanese nationals do so. Any suggestions?

started by: olfrank · last update: 1438288555 · posted: 1436608459

I just heard that China's stock market crash impacted on Taiwan's 2 days ago. Will it continally? If yes, any professional comments of reaction will be grateful!

started by: wh2014 · last update: 1437434335 · posted: 1437434335

Today's headline of newspaper is MacDonald's 60-second-fast food. It was sued employee extortion by their employees. Is it really employee extortion or speed expectation of fast food? Will it be fine and customers will wait longer due to this case?

started by: hriley · last update: 1437169534 · posted: 1435695129

Greek bnks close for a wk! So severe?! How will it keep impacting on global ecomony? Will there be any sssssolution?

started by: tapir85 · last update: 1436998188 · posted: 1436998188

Gee! My colleage discussed about the fee of the Second Generation National Health Insurance. Should we foreigners pay it? If yes, how much will it be? How can we calculate it? Gratefulneess!

started by: pdallman · last update: 1436828138 · posted: 1436828138

Umm.. After the referendum of Greece last week, this issue already brought the world 's attention. How will it impact on the global economy? Can we keep investing the loan or EU market? Abundant gratefulness!

started by: sophie.thomas · last update: 1436729970 · posted: 1436729970

My husband's colleague attended seminar of overseas real estate investment. We are interested . Can foreigner invest overseas real estate from Taiwan? If yes, how can we apply? Sincerely grateful!

started by: juli-anne · last update: 1436681129 · posted: 1436681129

Yummy! The frst Chinese vertual bank, MYbank is open in China, is it avaiable in Taiwan? Any condition we foreigners need to be aware? Countless gratefulness!

started by: olfrank · last update: 1436307301 · posted: 1435359718

Really? My friend told me inverter air conditioner doesnt really save our money!? If so, how can we save money on less power comsumption? Summer is too hot to live without air conditioner. Gratefulness!

started by: xyro · last update: 1436218579 · posted: 1434712940

OMG! The first case, Facebook users were brought to justice due to MERS rumor spread. How much will they be fined per Taiwan's law? Is it serious? Grateful for any professional comments!

started by: leewy · last update: 1435998152 · posted: 1434646342

OMG! Nestle announced layoff and the rate is about 15%. Does it mean food industry be not good? How about global economy status? Thanks for any input!

started by: lizintaipei · last update: 1435948815 · posted: 1434570537

Ooops! A news professed US inflationary pressure is undervalued. If it is real, will it impact on globle economy? Thankful for any professional comments!

started by: link1004 · last update: 1435650953 · posted: 1435650953

Hey, I heard that many new policies are implemented from July 1. May I have the list in English?

started by: lizintaipei · last update: 1435603619 · posted: 1434406793

Ooops! Only 45 minutes, Greek negotiation failed and probablyy will default on the loan soon. If it really happens, will global Ecnomy be impacted? Will it be serious?  Full of thankfulness!

started by: xyro · last update: 1435480423 · posted: 1433951106

OMG! Today's news mentioned HSBC to lay off 25000 employees worldwide. So many? Does it mean the global economy isn't good enough? What cause the decision of lay-off? How many % of the lay-off for employees in Asian branches? Deeply gratitute!

started by: pinkpenny · last update: 1435353805 · posted: 1433879022

Is it real? V Air one-way ticket cost NT$999 only and baggage included. Where is the destination? How can we get the tickets? Any special requests? Grateful!

started by: hriley · last update: 1435056348 · posted: 1433752065

Yu.... It is said Japanese yen, JPY is at good price and the right time to travel in Japan now. Is it true? Why? Will the Japanese goods decrease their price in the near future? Gratitute for advice!

started by: sophie.thomas · last update: 1434613157 · posted: 1433275508

Wow, the total investment of Asian was amounted to 247. I would like to invest in Asian market as well. But I have no idea what major trends in the market this year. If somebody knows, please kindly share. Appreciate!

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