started by: olfrank · last update: 1434302473 · posted: 1432991384

Ohhhh....a governement office told that non-Smoking area will be expanded. He didn't tell that detailed. If anyone knows, please share here. Much gratefulness!

started by: link1004 · last update: 1432301412 · posted: 1431338020

Gee! My friend informed oil price is increasing again this week. Why did it fluctuate so often? When can we expect it stable? Appreciate!

started by: banz · last update: 1431542667 · posted: 1431086068

Gosh! Today's news profess that global stocks & bonds plunged around 61 trillion evaporated. That much?! How come? There has no bad information about global ecomony. Really appreciate for any explanation if someone knows!

started by: poweria · last update: 1431471756 · posted: 1430825106

Wow...It is said that Apple Pay is healthcare payment. I can't understand why. If you know, please share opinions here. Deeply grateful!

started by: pdallman · last update: 1431379191 · posted: 1430563688

Gee! Per update news, the penalties for leaving around cigarette butts in Taipei will be augmented. When will it implement?  How much to increase? TKS!

started by: bella76 · last update: 1430958012 · posted: 1429634891

Gee! Per TV news, oil price is increasing again. If anyone can tell the exact date and increase rate, it is gratitude!

started by: hriley · last update: 1429863867 · posted: 1429218492

OMG! A supervisor at DNB, Netherlands was fired due to special reason. It mentioned a name, Conchita van der Waal. I Googled and found no information of the pages of the followings. Conchita van der Waal Personality Profile and Conchita van der Waal - Google+ Any sharing information is thanksful!

started by: wh2014 · last update: 1429027379 · posted: 1428015185

Gee! The international news contended a new liquor control is impletmented in Singapore. What is the detail? Anything for us tourists to pay attention when traveling there? Appreciate!

started by: silvatd · last update: 1428880160 · posted: 1427845312

WOW, per ltest news, a new record of 2015 estate of Pablo Picasso was juet made. One of his paiting named Algerian Women was estimated at US$ 140M. May I know who the owner is? Is he/she the richest person in the world? Really appreciate!

started by: pattyhughes · last update: 1428352562 · posted: 1427790108

Wow, I saw a news on TV last night that oil price may drop down 50%. If it's true, we can save a lot.  When will it be verified?

started by: silvatd · last update: 1428155105 · posted: 1427184478

Yup, I heard that oil price decreased again. How much was it? And can we expect another price down?

started by: pattyhughes · last update: 1427656172 · posted: 1425538791

Hi, Will robots take over our jobs? 

started by: lizintaipei · last update: 1427535703 · posted: 1425511462

Wow, the world's top rich people this year were just released. Who are they? Is Bill Gate still the richest person in the world? Thanks for any sharing!

started by: wh2014 · last update: 1427402876 · posted: 1425371217

Gee, I heard that taxi fee might increase soon. It seemed discuss before CNY and didn't pass. How come it re-hightlighted? Will it increase eventually? Indebted to anyone for advice!

started by: hriley · last update: 1427314614 · posted: 1424515060

Yup! I heard that several tripartite pays are available this year, not the international PayPal. What are they? How can we apply for any one of them? Which one is the most convenient locally? Million thanks!

started by: yl75 · last update: 1426345973 · posted: 1424287629

OMG! The news professed massively hacked by Equation Group. How serious is it? Is there any solution for the virus? Gratitude!

started by: bella76 · last update: 1426104955 · posted: 1424118782

Gee! The news stated oil price is increasing this week. When is the exact date? How many %? Grateful!

started by: silvatd · last update: 1425929085 · posted: 1423916219

So cool~ The media reported that a new service of convenient stores is to exchange Ren Min Bi. When will it be available and are they all convenient stores? Greatly indebted for someone's hands!

started by: wh2014 · last update: 1425745776 · posted: 1423868157

Hay, I heard that OBU accounts have advantages. What are they? Can we foreigners apply one in Taiwan?  If yes, how can I apply?

started by: wh2014 · last update: 1424725582 · posted: 1424539531

Oh, gosh, today's news says oil price is increasing again?! How much is it? Will it increase again? It decreased in last month, but inreased recently. What happened? ANy input is grateful!

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