started by: link1004 · last update: 1423354411 · posted: 1422919797

Gee! Per the updated news, oil price decreased, but gas is increasing! How much will it increase? Will it impact on food price? Grateful!

started by: olfrank · last update: 1423091037 · posted: 1422199803

Wow, the news declared that European Central Bank proclaimed to release Europe QE. What will it impact or work for? Will Asian countries be impacted by it? REally appreciate for any comments!

started by: hriley · last update: 1423075718 · posted: 1422555689

Hello, is it real that IBM will lay off thousands of employees? Is the economics so bad to lay off so many people? Or just a rumor? 

started by: link1004 · last update: 1422489261 · posted: 1421660314

Good news, the oil price is decreasing again this week. May I know which day and how much? Thnks!

started by: silvatd · last update: 1422395323 · posted: 1420820218

Hay, Fine Silver Coin, Sheep Year is released in Canada. Can we get one in Taipei? Please advise how. Thanks!

started by: pinkpenny · last update: 1422191822 · posted: 1420489093

Watch! The news stated Merkel might agree to let Greece leave Eurozone. Will it come true? If yes, how can Greece pay for their debt? Gratitude!

started by: Joan Wang · last update: 1422139652 · posted: 1420450481

Awww! Singing badly is illegal?! "Just Something" reports a list of something illegal in Big Apple. Was anyone really fined due to it? What's esle? Any input is thankful!

started by: olfrank · last update: 1421883419 · posted: 1420236961

Waw, an article states wealth people start investing in passports. What can they benefit? How to invest? It's hard to imagine, if you know, please share. Grateful!

started by: link1004 · last update: 1421781408 · posted: 1419704059

Waw, Line also has payment system called Line Pay. Is it safe and legal? Or just a feature created by hackers? Do we need to apply for it? What is their payment process? Thankful for any comments!

started by: hriley · last update: 1421395115 · posted: 1419083052

Oh, no.... One of today's international news, Lawmaker’s comment “Too ‘ugly’ to rape” creates a flutter in Brazil. “Too ‘ugly’ to rape”? Isn't it not only a public insult, but also personal abuse? Can Maria do Rosario Nunes sue him in Brazil? If anybody knows Brazil's law, please share your comments. Immense gratitude!

started by: link1004 · last update: 1420137045 · posted: 1418719722

Do you know Bitcoin transaction is available in reality? What are stores to accept Bitcoin? How much is the exchange rate and which currency? Your kind sharing is thankful!

started by: crerick · last update: 1419439255 · posted: 1418219160

Ohhh….. did I buy a fake jadeite? My friends said so. Can anyone recommend a reliable company for jewellery appraisal? Thanks a lot!

started by: olfrank · last update: 1419285539 · posted: 1417802191

Hehe, it's said oil price will get down again. May we know the schedule?

started by: leewy · last update: 1418993487 · posted: 1417700213

Waw, so cheap. Airfreight ticket to Bangkok only costs NT$500, how can I get one? 

started by: crerick · last update: 1418946645 · posted: 1417524771

Hi, recently, my friends and I discussed the investment. Stocks fluctuate randomly and real estate need big amount. Then, one of them mentioned jewelry investment. Is it really good to invest? How can we get start when unfamiliar? Any advice is grateful!

started by: xyro · last update: 1418908461 · posted: 1417420770

Hay, an article mentioned "dumb money effect" when saying opinion. But didn't explained it. What is it? Please share if anybody knows. Gratitude!

started by: bella76 · last update: 1418861253 · posted: 1417170978

Oops...I am not good at numbers. Can somone tell simply how I can know my investment is profitable or not? Apprecitaion!

started by: silvatd · last update: 1418766455 · posted: 1417082967

Oh, yehh...Crude oil price fell again, below US$78/barrel. Can we expect the gasoline oil price decrease as well? And how much will it be? Can anyone tell?

started by: silvatd · last update: 1418502739 · posted: 1416909509

Gee, today's news narrates business confidence is low and cloud covers in the global economy. Does it mean we will have a bad economy next year? How long can we expect its recovery? Please share if you know. Grateful!

started by: banz · last update: 1418321176 · posted: 1416591501

How come? A Ubike rider lost his EasyCard and paid a penalty at total more than 10 thousand NT dollars. Why so much? Anyone knows the reason, pls share.

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