started by: juli-anne · last update: 1418201383 · posted: 1417862136

Waww, free airline ticket to Taipei. How can I have four for the whole family? Anyone knows?

started by: hkitty · last update: 1417390422 · posted: 1416830923

Hi, I am planning my trip to Europe during Christmas and New Year holidays for 2wks. I will exchange US dollors to Euro. As the amount might be bigger for 2wks, can you recommend a bank for a better exchange rate? Mny tks!

started by: poweria · last update: 1416958048 · posted: 1415895201

Hey, it is said that Japanese Government launched the new policy of tax-free this October. Do you know the detail? If yes, kindly share. Appreciation!

started by: link1004 · last update: 1416765312 · posted: 1416211896

Wow, The World richest industrious country was came out. Do you know which country and their relevant info for such title? Look forward to anybody's sharing with appreciation!

started by: pdallman · last update: 1416697251 · posted: 1414948145

Opps, you will get fine if you smoke at the non-smoking-zone in the night market. Per the news, the 1st non-smoking-zone of night market in Taiwan already kicked off. Where is it?

started by: pinkpenny · last update: 1416682591 · posted: 1414694564

Yes, today's news states robots are hired for working. What kind of works? Houseworks or office works? How much is their salary? 

started by: hkitty · last update: 1416424274 · posted: 1414449698

So terrible?! I have less confidence of mobile security after nud photos leakage few times. The actresses use iPhones, not other brands. If you know any solid way, please share. Gratitude!

started by: wh2014 · last update: 1416312524 · posted: 1414175371

Today's news mentioned that customers complaint about double billing by iPhone 6's Apple Pay. If someone knows what Apple's reply, please tell us. Thks!

started by: poweria · last update: 1416229730 · posted: 1413648443

Yapppppp, iPad Air 2 launched. When is it available in Taiwan? How much? Tnks a lot!

started by: hriley · last update: 1415903237 · posted: 1412288371

Oh, yeah, the news said price of domestic natural gas decreased again recently. Do you know how much? Additionally, how much can we save per the reduce? Your help to understand is thankful.

started by: banz · last update: 1415829704 · posted: 1412157634

Gee, USD has been fluctated recently. I am not good at financial. Can anyone share the way to estimate the loss caused by the fluctuation? Really thankful!

started by: leewy · last update: 1415749093 · posted: 1412028359

Hey, I heard that oil price decreased again. Really?  I am just thankful if someone tells me how much.

started by: link1004 · last update: 1415370092 · posted: 1413483811

What a good news, global oil price decreased again. Can we expect another decrease in Taiwan? If you know, kindly share. Appreciate!

started by: wh2014 · last update: 1415139873 · posted: 1410697169

A news said Fake Apple Watch is available. What is its features and any legal issue if we buy one? Any input is appreciated!

started by: poweria · last update: 1414832410 · posted: 1409750757

So terrible! Apple is a leading company but their iCloud had flaw to leak nude celebrity photos. If you were one of them, how would you do? Please tell us your ideas.

started by: olfrank · last update: 1413980056 · posted: 1409302857

Hey, folks, I just saw a news about "Millennium Development Goals" on papers this morning. But I still disunderstood. Can anyone tell what it is? Tnks!

started by: yl75 · last update: 1412966000 · posted: 1409591988

Oh my gosh! I heard that oil price increased again. Can you tell me how much? THNKS!

started by: wh2014 · last update: 1410203198 · posted: 1410097334

Heh, today's news said the oil price will decrease tomorrow. Do you know how much? Tnks for any advice!

started by: sophie.thomas · last update: 1409873732 · posted: 1407423243

Hi, just to reconfirm if I can use my Costco member card from USA in Taipei's Costco? Or I need to apply a new one here? Any response is thankful.

started by: pdallman · last update: 1409437027 · posted: 1408791108

Hey, I heard that there is chance to drive on highways free in Taiwan. May I know the detail? When?

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