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Hey, folks, I saw the news that global oil price decrease. How about the local's?

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Yehp, Infocus launched M810 last week in Taiwan. The sales recommended it. But I never use it. If you have their smartphones, please share experience. As it is not so expensive and affordable. Appreciation!

started by: xyro · last update: 1408231835 · posted: 1407108170

Wow, there were many new smartphones launched recently and they all looked good. Which one is good for limited budget, under NT$10,000? Please help. Tks!

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Hi,  hi.....I saw a new product of Samsung...called Gear Live. It's not cheap, but has many features. Is it good enough to buy one? 

started by: crerick · last update: 1407513444 · posted: 1406874375

Hi, folks, there were several new smartphones launched recently. Which one is cheap and has good features for students? Your recommendation is thankful.

started by: Joan Wang · last update: 1406793833 · posted: 1406290037

Hello, where can I buy 3C cheap?

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Yup! World View Enterprises finished a successful test of stratospheric balloon ride. It said that we do not need to wear a spacesuit to enjoy the beautiful cabin arc of mother earth.   I would like to take a trip, but don't know how much it is. Anyone knows to advise?  

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Hey, folks, even I have stayed in Taipei for months, I am still little confused about the fee for garbage. I just know there are 3 types of garbage bags at different cost. Can someone help to know it completely?

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Oh, good! The news said that Taiwan is colabrating with Singapore for smart card mutual usage in both sites through electronic payment systems. It's for the EasyCard of Taipei and EZ-Link of Singapore. We who travel very frequently btwn these two cities benefit a lot. However, it didn't mention the schedule. If anyone knows, please share with me. Lot of thanks!

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Hi, folks, is there any cheap flight from Taipei to Brisbane? Does anyone take it and share if it's safe and confortable? Any advice is grateful!

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Hello, everyone, I am buying a power bank for my smartphone. However, my friend suggests having one with BSMI certificate. What is it? Any input is appreciated!

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OMG! My money is getting less in the banks due to purchase of few devices. Will I be charged account management fee. If yes, how much is it? Many thnks!

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Oh, OOOO.... A woman got US$50 fine after she posted something on Facebook. Did she break any law? Please share detailed story. Many tks!

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Hey, buddies, I am a big fan of Cartier watches. However, it costs a lot. I would like to save some money and consider the 2nd hand ones, but no too old. Is it possible to get one of Calibre de Cartier Diver? Where?

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OMG! My kids always spent all their money within 3 days of getting the pocket money, no matter what I told them. I am considering to send them for financial education, entry level about expense and saving. Any program or camp for children recommended? Many thanks!

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New rules on extensions of residence in Taiwan have been announced! Positively affecting the adult children of foreign residents in Taiwan who grew up here, foreign white collar professionals, and graduates! Please read the following link for details! http://www.winklerpartners.com/?p=4697

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Oh, no, a new penalty provision! A Taiwanese colleague of mine said that a new policy was released recently by the government for “Distracted Walking” risk. If you are a distracted pedestrian crossing the road, you will be fined. Who knows how much it is?

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This is my first time paying tax in Taiwan, and I wonder if there's any contact who can help me deal with it? Thanks in advance!

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I bought a piece of spring dress last week, but I decided to take it back and get the refund. If the tag is already taken down, can I still do the refund???

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Hi, I have an American friend who's planning to spend his summer doing internship in Taiwan. Does she have to go through any legal procedure to be able to work as an intern?  

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