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Do Taiwanese banks offer online banking service generally speaking? I find it so uesful as I am always on the move with work. Can anyone recommend a bank that does offer this service?

started by: Archie!! · last update: 1392673754 · posted: 1392252959

I'm planning on coming to Taipei for studies. I will be on a visitor visa. I'm considering doing some traveling and was wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to stay for a few extra months and get an extension on the visa? If it matters, I am American. Thx

started by: Doggie-926414 · last update: 1391945759 · posted: 1390860516

Hello, I am considering to buy the 2nd hand car and my friend said it might be cheaper to buy a used rental car. Is it ture? Anything else should I consider? 

started by: yl75 · last update: 1388487199 · posted: 1388405573

Hi, I am planing a better finance control for new year and wish a debt free. Can anyone advise how I can make it? Really appreciate for any input!

started by: wh2014 · last update: 1387635847 · posted: 1387548815

My expenses already exceeded my income this month. I am worried about the red number is getting bigger. Is any tip to manage our cash every month? Any suggestion is appreciated.

started by: yl75 · last update: 1386931834 · posted: 1386853278

My husband has a small house. He is going to transfer it to me. What are the laws and processes to follow? Any tax? Thanks for help!

started by: sophie.thomas · last update: 1386759772 · posted: 1386677324

I saw a news about a debate of gay marriage hits the streets in Taipei last week. Both opponents and supporters of legal gay marriage expressed their opinions on the street. Another news was reported earlier this year in Sep. saying "Gay marriage supporters to hold mass 'wedding' in downtown Taipei", which was also reported by an international newspaper, http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/09/taiwan-gay-marriage-bill-_n_3886786.html It is a good topic to see the different points of views and seems both sides have good points. I am interested in more legal points. Can someone share theirs as well? Tks!

started by: crerick · last update: 1386675110 · posted: 1386590919

The winter vacation is coming next month. Can foreign student work here? Any application? Thanks for sharing!

started by: pdallman · last update: 1386423798 · posted: 1386163695

My Alien Resident Certificate is going to be due. How can I extend it? Thanks for sharing!

started by: Infinity-926426 · last update: 1386161417 · posted: 1385670648

I want to make my car more powerful. Is it legal to modify my car in Taipei?  Thank you for confirmation!

started by: xyro · last update: 1386068721 · posted: 1385549891

Christmas holidays is coming next month. I want to take some Jade ornaments home for my parents. But unsure if any rules are on this. Anyone knows?

started by: Fireunicorn · last update: 1385723099 · posted: 1385414555

I use the credit card issued in my mother country. But it is inconvenient as I will stay here for another year. Which credit card is more popular in Taiwan? Master?  I am planing to apply one locally. Thanks!

started by: Musicfan-926425 · last update: 1385496447 · posted: 1385152056

I stay at my friend's apartment who is leaving Taiwan early next year. I might have to find another apartment then. Is there anything demanding particular attention on house rental contract?  Thanks for advice!

started by: 3Clover · last update: 1385410847 · posted: 1385078087

Can we foreigners buy an insurance here? And how?  Thanks!

started by: lizintaipei · last update: 1385118962 · posted: 1384862081

Can foreignors apply for loans? And how? Thanks!

started by: bella76 · last update: 1385034977 · posted: 1384775089

Hi, I plan to find a part time job which won't impact on my school schedule. I need to know one thing first, should I pay income tax? Many thanks!

started by: pinkpenny · last update: 1385032355 · posted: 1384520098

Is any local law to pay attenetion once get married? For instance, who legally owns our property once we’re married? Anything else? Many thanks for someone's sharing!

started by: pinkpenny · last update: 1384700389 · posted: 1384257273

I am extremely happy that my boyfriend proposed last night after a big birthday meal of mine. We are planning the wedding and I would like to know first how we should apply for marriage. My boyfriend is a Taiwanese, but I am a freignor.

started by: leewy · last update: 1384598880 · posted: 1384429766

My friend would like to visit me in Taipei next month as a trip. She asked if tax refund is available when she is flying back, just like EU's. Can anyone help? Thank you!

started by: link1004 · last update: 1384513932 · posted: 1383905035

Does anyone know how can we foreigners open a bank account? Any required documents for application? Thank you!

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