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Can we foreigners buy property in Taipei? We consider to having our own house here but don't really know how to do. In addition, is it possible to 'buy' now, but only pay when you get the keys?

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I am looking for someone who can advice me on freelance work and paying tax etc. over here.  Thanks

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Due to inflation, I am considering investment in funds. Can we foreigners invest here? If yes, how?

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Would you like to save some money? Here are few tips for you! 1. To exchange things with friends: If your friends have idle stuffs which are what you need, you can exchange something for it. 2. Shopping list: It was a lousy job for me to make a shopping list, but I bought things more than I needed. I changed the way to shop with my shopping list and found it has saved some money. 3. Less credit card debt: the use of credit card information 4. DIY Cooking: Cooking at home is cheaper than eating at restaurants. Try it and you will see the difference in the first month!

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