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Wow, so deliciou the dumplings are. I wanna learn it .  If you know any DIY course in English, please share with me. By email. Really thks. 

started by: Amb-P-852418 · last update: 1478272169 · posted: 1471482438

Hay...it's difficult to find a restaurant offers both delicious meat meals and vegetarian meals with English servvice. Can anyone recommend one in Taipei?

started by: Amb-P-852418 · last update: 1476426874 · posted: 1476022971

A friend of mine is from German and he missess Germany Beer Festival in October. Is it available in Taipei as there are several Festivals of Asian countries held? Please advise if you know any organization will celebrate it. Grateful!

started by: Ophe Hsia · last update: 1475490754 · posted: 1473521838

My friends in mother country asked me for famous Chinese tea. Ex. Oolong, green Tea. Please recommend good stores to buy it for souvenir nextt time back home. Really thank you!

started by: Amb-P-852418 · last update: 1474519643 · posted: 1470186255

The previous city I stayed hold Beer Festival annually. Can I finDS one here for summere? 

started by: Anonym-a-860670 · last update: 1473296421 · posted: 1472351708

Few months ago, a New Square opened in Dazhi. Is it good? How about restaurants there? Is their food delicious? Anything new there? Please kindly share your experience.

started by: Anonym-a-860670 · last update: 1469850187 · posted: 1464406835

I really miss Prosecco, but I never see it in wine stores. Where can I find one? If you know, pleasesssss advise. Million tkks!

started by: Ophe Hsia · last update: 1467246947 · posted: 1467246947

My friend told me a recent news on CNN mentioned Taipei is o9ne of the would's hottest t destination for vegans. He didn't remember the restaurant recommended on the news. I checked but did not find it. If you know, kindly share with vegas. Tks a lot!

started by: Amb-P-852418 · last update: 1463014816 · posted: 1462839472

Learned that y Chinese people eat rice dumplings on Dragon Boat Festival. It's coming early nextt month. Can someone tell how to DIY it in English? Or advise English DIY course is good. Grateful!

started by: Kaï-Chek · last update: 1461153508 · posted: 1450106453

I have left it a bit late I know, but I am looking for an English style caterer for Christmas day. DOes anyone have a suggestion to share with me please?

started by: Ophelia-10059711 · last update: 1460077219 · posted: 1460077219

WowsSS.....Starbucks is opening a new uupscale roastery restaurant in New York. I had a good breakfast in their Seattle upscale roastery restaurant. Is there any upscale roastery Starbucks restaurant heree??

started by: So-H-852291 · last update: 1459736494 · posted: 1458781224

Wowwww...50 Asian best restaurants were selected. I heard one of them is in Taipei. Which oone? May I have its name, telephone and address? 

started by: Ophelia-10059711 · last update: 1459164703 · posted: 1458521119

Yay. I heard d that World Whiskies Awards 2016 just released and a Taiwanese whisky got one of the award. What is it? Where is their brewery?  Can we visit there???

started by: Joan Wang · last update: 1458732016 · posted: 1457756207

Hay, I am interested in wine class, but I never know it. Can you recommend any entry level in English for me? Thanks & enjoy a happy wknd~

started by: Yolanda-10063570 · last update: 1458651851 · posted: 1456342043

YesSSS... it's said COVA is coming to Taiwan. Is it available in Taipei? Grateful for schedule & location!

started by: Martian-10063557 · last update: 1458479873 · posted: 1456146111

Oh....I miss my favourite dessert, Crema Bruciata. Can you recommend a restaurannt cooking it authentically? Application for  address info. 

started by: wh2014 · last update: 1456214912 · posted: 1437838577

It is said that CNN just recommended Taiwan Snacks on their news. I didn't see it. What were recommended? Plan to taste them all when I am here. Numerous thks!

started by: Rubbie · last update: 1455740759 · posted: 1453884898

Braised Pork rice is so delicious that I wannan learn how to cook it. If anyone knows authentic recipe, please advise. 

started by: Monneyy · last update: 1452526850 · posted: 1452072766

I saw many cafes in Taipei, some are really special. Is it possible to find a Barbie Café? My daughter and her best friend will be excited if we can find one to dine there.

started by: Pinyin · last update: 1451929526 · posted: 1450892283

I'd like to get our nanny some really special chocolates to say thank you this Christmas. Can I have your suggestions for a really special chocolate shop please?

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