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Yeah....E-visa program is expanded to Muslim visitors. I would like to share it with my Muslim friendss. But I haven't found the details. If anyone knows, pls post heree. Really thanks!

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Cool.. I just heard "double 11" from the chat of a group on MRT, but don't know what it is. Can someone help me to understand it? Gratitude..

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My colleague told me that Taiwan is the winner of world's best place for expats this year. We discussed a little bit and curious about the specialty which madde it winner. Can anyone help us to understand? Hope I e won't miss anything special when I stay here. 

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Wow... a strike of the airline employees was discussed. Red eye flight was mentioned many times. What is it exactlyy?

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I plan to learn one more Asian language, but I can't find a course in English. Can anyone recommend one near Taipei railway station? Tnks a lot!

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Yesterday's news stated that a solar airplane with few passengerss flied oIver 10hrs. Did it mean it's successful and we are going to take solar aircrafts soon? If yes, how soon? Gratitude ffor words!

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A column explained the timing you meet Right person and mentIioned "mate value" but no detailed introduction of it. Does someone know it well? Plse help me to understand. 

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Wowww.... today is the day of Taiwanesee 1st female president on board. What kind of future will she lead Taiwan to go? Any more friendly policy for we foreigners in Taiwan??? Really expect!

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OMG! I fell sleep but was woke up by ann earthquake just several mins ago. Several things fell down on the floor. Kids cried. I believe I will keep awake all night long. Can someonne help me to spend the long night? 

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 Heyy...I saw few events in Taipei today for Earth Day. However, what I know the date of Earth Day is Apr. 22. Did it change? If not, the events were held on Saturday, it'ss Apr. 16 and passed. Can we find other events on Apr. 22 in Taipeiii to join???Gratitude for advice! 

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OMG! Taipei Station is just like a maze, several floorss, many exits, so complicated. We got lost several times. Is there any way not to get los t again? Grateful for any tip!

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Recently, I wad unlucky as I met a crazy dogg and was bitten while walking. My local friends reminded me it's maybe because of feng shui. But what is it exactly? Really causedd me unlucky???

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Oh, noooo, if my calculation of the date ofg Easter, Mar.27 is correct, it just passed, didn't it? Please help to reconfirmmm. 

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Brussel was attacked last week. Is Belgium safe to travel? What should we prepare for necessary business trip there? Really worried about its safety!

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Ummm... the Chinese newspaper reading by the lady standing next to me on MRT just now saying VE71. What's it? Should we pay attention of it t and why yes?

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In the past year, when I stayed in Taipei, PM2.5 was reported many times for bad air condition. It instructed us to pay high attention on purple areas, worst air condition. How about the other colors? Any reference information in English is gratitude!

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Dear all, I need to have my favourite ankle boots re-heeled. Can anyone recommend a cobbler please?

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OMG! I was shaken awake early this morning. It's 6.4 on the day before CNY. Houses collapsed. How can we have a good CNY?

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My mother country is near equatorial. I never been feel so cold after arriving Taiwan.  Howe long will ut be so cold? Temperature is 3~4 only. 

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It is really cold today to compare with other days in winter. It is impacted by Arctic Oscillation per news. I never heard it. What is it?? Is it normal?

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