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OMG...the doctor of the hospital I saw suggested rehabilitation session. But the hospital is far from my apartment in Nankang. Can I find a good rehabilitation clinic with English support? Gratitude for advice!

started by: T-T-852646 · last update: 1469579833 · posted: 1469579833

Hello, did any foreign folks see Chinese doctor and take Chinese herb? Please share your experience.

started by: T-T-852646 · last update: 1468976279 · posted: 1465863861

Omgg! PM10??? As news statted PM2.5 above highly damaged our health. What will PM10impact on health? How serious will it be ?????

started by: Ophe Hsia · last update: 1467679020 · posted: 1466727957

OMG! My nauty son broke his leg. He need medical tools temporarily, such as wheelchair. Can I rent one for him? Where and howw much? Your advice is so grateful and helpfull.

started by: Ophe Hsia · last update: 1466313083 · posted: 1465095666

When taking my kids to a doctor, we heard a group of doctors chat and mentioned delayed pain. MNy kid's doctor bdidn't givwe advice about it. Be curious, what is it? What symptoms under it?

started by: Amb-P-852418 · last update: 1466128127 · posted: 1464569143

It's getting hot, the temperature iis almost 35℃ in endMay. How can we keep cool in the hottest summer, June & July? How can we make kids not to get heatstroke in their summer outdoor activities? Any tip is appreciateed. 

started by: Ophelia-10059711 · last update: 1463236801 · posted: 1462234588

Ummah... living in a strangee city alone makes me fell loneliness quite easily. Is there any good way to conquer it? Tahnks~

started by: Amb-P-852418 · last update: 1460419186 · posted: 1459780220

Gee, I was told bthe fee of tooth implantation is expensive. I heard it's around $70000 per tooth. Is itt more expensesive than the market price in Taiwan? If yes, please advise the average marketing price for reference.

started by: Ophelia-10059711 · last update: 1459903935 · posted: 1458365541

Recently, **Soil liquefaction was a popular topic when friends met. However, I still didnot so understand. How did it impact on ouyr daily life?**

started by: leewy · last update: 1458812477 · posted: 1455456705

Ooh..oh..More Zika cases were reported last montth. Will it spread around the world? Thankful for any prevention suuggestion!

started by: Edwina-10063582 · last update: 1455627158 · posted: 1453293005

Gosh, the news reported a Zika virus in Taiwan. The person was a Thailander. What is the symptom of Zika? Is it safe to travel in Asia? Gratitude!

started by: Amy-10063568 · last update: 1453567515 · posted: 1452675580

Can you recommend a good female doctor of Obstetrics & Gynecology in Taipei? Just in case for any illness.

started by: Shilin-Chillin' · last update: 1453320898 · posted: 1450106370

Where do you go to have shellac nails done ladies? I'd like to find somewhere with English sppeaking technicians preferably. Thanks in advance

started by: Shilin-Chillin' · last update: 1452983167 · posted: 1443023466

Does anyone have an idea of how much it would cost to have an MRI scan of my back done here privately?

started by: Wade · last update: 1452272841 · posted: 1452039560

Can anyone recommend someone English speaking to do my shellac finger and toe nails at my place please?

started by: Longshan · last update: 1449759485 · posted: 1448578075

Hello, I know it is a long shot but I'd like to give hypnotherapy a go to stop smoking! Can anyone recommend a good, English-speaking hypnotherapist in Taipei please?

started by: Longshan · last update: 1448485001 · posted: 1447993075

i know there isn't much call for Brazilian Blowdries here in Taipei but I have coarse frizzy hair and id like to have one! Can you tell me of a hairdresser specializing in this treatment here please?

started by: Longshan · last update: 1446157977 · posted: 1445359086

I think my daughter is developing some food allergies. She has a very itchy palate when eating some fruits. Does anyone know of an English speaking clinic where I can have some allergy tests done?

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I would like to take  my wife and son (who is 2) away for a long weekend. Can anyone give me some recommendations?

started by: Rebecca Foster · last update: 1443223096 · posted: 1443023364

I am going to be giving birth here in taipei in March and I'd like to hear from other expat mums who have been through the experience. Thanks in advance for your replies.

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