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OMG! The TV news alerted a typhoon generated, Typhoon Meranti, became strong and approached Taiwan. Will it really hit Taiwan on the day of Moon Festival? If so, our trip is forced to cancel, so bad.  Any suggestion to havve no impact and enjoy the coming 4-day-holidays? Appreciate~

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We are leaving Taipei for 2wk vacation. I am worried about our plants. Can I find any pPlant care service here? Any reliable service offer to recommend is thankful.

started by: T-T-852646 · last update: 1471912984 · posted: 1471912984

Can I plant maple in small balcony? We have one in our big garden in our mother country. I never try and would like to know if it work in advancce. Ifsomebody plant successful ly, please share the experience. Gratitude!

started by: Amb-P-852418 · last update: 1467990823 · posted: 1467854986

The news said typhoon Nepartak is approaching Taiwan. Howw can we do house and garden protection? Any tips are appreciated as some things we can nit move. 

started by: Ophelia-10059711 · last update: 1461718492 · posted: 1460940622

I saw several events for Earth Day lsst Saturday, but it's April 16. Earth Day is April 22, right? If so, can wee find any others on the official Earth Day?

started by: Longshan · last update: 1460250652 · posted: 1444261541

I'd like to find a nice, plastic Wendy house for my daughter. Does anyone know of a good shop or perhaps have one for sale?

started by: Rebecca Foster · last update: 1459505396 · posted: 1448578116

I am looking for someone who can tiole floors and fit wodden flooring as well. Any ideas please?

started by: Wade · last update: 1458964492 · posted: 1449011071

Des anyone know where I can have glass cut to size (I'm making my own piece of living room furniture). Thanks for your help!

started by: Kaï-Chek · last update: 1458385279 · posted: 1449174657

Dear all, I absolutely have to find a company that can collect, clean and return a pair of expensive carpets. Do you have any ideas to share with me please?

started by: Christine-10063563 · last update: 1458208339 · posted: 1454435265

Wow, it's cherry blossom. Does cherry be plantedd in our small garden? Anything to pay atteention?

started by: BarbaraBarbei · last update: 1455141232 · posted: 1453453223

Hi, hi....someone told me a wood carving kKingdom in Taiwan. Is it in Taipei? If not, how far? How can we get to it by public  transportation?

started by: Shiny-10063562 · last update: 1453579434 · posted: 1453404408

It's getting colder and colder. People said it mighr snow this Saturday. If so, can we ski inn our own garden?

started by: Irvinn · last update: 1453504646 · posted: 1452627881

Chinese New Year is approaching. This is the first time to stay in Taiwan to spend it. How can I decorate our apartment in a traditional Chinese style to celebrate?

started by: yl75 · last update: 1453494648 · posted: 1436623624

My plants suddenly eaten by worms. Is there any suggestin of good insecticide as none of the brands I heard before? They seem local brands here in Taiwan. Tnks for help!

started by: xyro · last update: 1453417659 · posted: 1436340516

Recent news stated MERS case was reported continually. Is it safe to have a family vacation there? Can we change our registered tour to other destination which through a Taipei travel agent? Gratefulness!

started by: Pinyin · last update: 1452727666 · posted: 1450289960

i would like to give the house a spruce up in the new year. Can anyone recommend a stylish English speaking designer I can get in touch with please?

started by: Longshan · last update: 1451929383 · posted: 1451340552

Does anyone have a recommendation for a place where we can buy a really comfy angle sofa (not in leather). Thanks for your ideas.

started by: Shilin-Chillin' · last update: 1449506819 · posted: 1449174867

I am looking for a small flat for my parents to stay in in January when they will be coming out for a month. Does anyone know any sites to help me in my search?

started by: Kaï-Chek · last update: 1449010961 · posted: 1448484962

I am looking for a Norwegian Spruce Christmas tree. Has anyone seen them already on sale anywhere?

started by: saffy-74603 · last update: 1446765380 · posted: 1446514832

Can anyone explain how complicated it is for a European to rent a property in Taiwan please? How does one go about it and what documentation should I prepare? Thanks for your help.

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