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Per BBC, there were  tennis Match fixing. Who were the playerss? What kinfd of punishment will they be taken?

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Yummy... Congs to Prince William and Kate Middleton! They have a new family member, a cute princess. What name will they give her? Let's guess together here.

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Ohoooo, so weird! The news said Kim Jong-un has not show up for many days. Rumors are flying. Many people are curious what happened to him. If someone knows, please tell us. TKS a lot!

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A sad news before New Year's Eve, Formula One driver Michael Schumacher had a skiing accident and has been a slight improvement in his condition after operations, but his condition is still critical and not out of danger. Doctors said that helmet saved Michael Schumacher's life. There is no updated news on the internet, we hope he already got rid of risk and recover sooner or later. May god bless him.

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