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I thought it's OK to have my doggy eat moon cakes before. However, a newss introduced pet's moon cakes. What's difference? Where can I buy it for my doggy?

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OMG! I just learned that !Shiba Breed is easier than other dogss to get sickness! I really love them as they are good, I wanna to pet one. Should I cancel my plan? Or any tip to pet them? Any advice bis grateful.

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Oh...ooo.. my kitty shed its fur all around the apartment. It took me much time to clean. Is there any easy way to clean?Advice is really appropriateDD. 

started by: Ophe Hsia · last update: 1470802685 · posted: 1470802685

OMG! My Kitty felt not good early this morning. Luckily, it's not so painful and able to wait until vet service hours. May I have few vetst with 24hr service, in case of urgency in the future? Gratitude!

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People discussed on MRT about nnew regulation for petting cats. I did not catch the item, but a fine @ several thousands. If you know it, pls share here. grateful~

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Siii...I just find that my doggy's eyelid is inverted. Is it a diseasse? or just a ccommon condition and will become normal?

started by: Ophe Hsia · last update: 1464764601 · posted: 1463531702

Dragon Boat Festival is around the corner. I got maNY rice dumplings fm Chinese friends, but I can't eat that muchh. Can I share them with my lovely puppy? I never feed it rice dumplings and not sure if any risk for it.v Gratitude for opinion~

started by: T-T-852646 · last update: 1460595511 · posted: 1458657002

Hayy, I would like to purchase a speific brand from Europe for my lovey catty. My probelm is I haven't found the brand here for a month and plan to try shop on the internet. Is there any help-to-buy service for pet? Your input is grateful!!! 

started by: Wade · last update: 1459582449 · posted: 1441925213

Hello, does anyone know of a shelter where we can adopt a kitten? Thanks for your help.

started by: Amy-10063568 · last update: 1455467445 · posted: 1453206106

My Taiwanese friends suggested me leaving my dog son at legal pet hotels in Taipei during Chinese New Year holidays. May I know which one can support English? Many tks!

started by: Dragonn · last update: 1453762225 · posted: 1452761803

I am planning to import my special pet from my mother country. It's a lizard. Can I pet it in Taiwan?

started by: Christine-10063563 · last update: 1452526657 · posted: 1452502548

I was told an animal welfare app. What is it? Can I use it for my dog son?

started by: hriley · last update: 1452272681 · posted: 1452201126

We will have a trip during CNY. One problem is our lovely cat. Can we find its accommodation and the store offers service in Englislh?

started by: Shilin-Chillin' · last update: 1450833838 · posted: 1450754388

hi there! I need a last minute cat sitter after the person I had lined up let me down. Is anyone available? It would be from 27-5 jan. Thanks in advance!

started by: Pinyin · last update: 1448925068 · posted: 1448409546

Does anyone know of a breeder of tropical birds? We would like an African grey parrot but we don't to aid illegal traffickers and of course want a chick that was bred in captivity. Thanks in advance.

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I am looking for a countryside, dog-friendly hotel for a weekend getaway. Can anyone recommend something please?

started by: Pinyin · last update: 1442247934 · posted: 1442247934

We are looking for a gentle and English-speaking dog groomer for our rescue shih tzu. Any suggestions please?

started by: Kaï-Chek · last update: 1439583167 · posted: 1438657095

I have just moved here with my dog and I am looking for a GOOD vet. Can anyone give me a recommendation for one who also speaks English?

started by: hkitty · last update: 1439244057 · posted: 1436432739

I was told that few pet classE's were open to pet dad and mom. Is it available in English? Please advise location as well.

started by: tapir85 · last update: 1437000118 · posted: 1435609526

My puppy has been always scratching for days. I googled and found the ad of FRONTLINE Plus. Is it as good as ad statement? Please share your experience. Immense gratitude!

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