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Real Japanese Cultural experience with exploring the way of making beautiful seasonal Wagashi and enjoying the delicate taste of Uji Matcha Green Tea from Kyoto prepared with a traditional way right in front of you!


You'll also learn so much about Japanese Culture with all the amazing stories and historical backgrounds of each small piece of Wagashi from the professional and knowledgeable instructor.


Great opportunity to get to know these 2 key items of traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony, Wagashi and Green Tea, in this fun experience with Mat-Cha-Doh!



We are currently looking for those who would like to participate in this tour at 2pm on 28th October 2016.



Tour Price: JPY18,000 pp* >> Special Offer!! >> JPY15,300 pp*


Tour with Wagashi & Green Tea sampling and lectures at specialty stores: JPY20,000 pp* >> Special Offer!! >> JPY18,000 pp*


*English interpreter fee included.

*Minimum of 2 participants required for the tour to run.


Duration: 3 hours (3.5h with sampling and lectures)


Location: Toritsu Daigaku, Tokyo



Visit our website for more information and pictures.


Please contact us if interested or for any inquiries, and of course, just let us know if you are considering joining our tour on any other day than the one stated above!



Email: [email protected]



Thank You!