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The bustling streets of Tokyo may be exciting to traipse around during a short trip, but for expats and locals, the same excitement can pose some risks, such as losing sight of a child in the crowd, forgetting luggage at one of the many stops along the city center, or even finding one’s vehicle amiss in large parking lots or bicycle racks.

Technologically-advanced countries like Japan need as advanced gadgets to keep up. A light and compact GPS tracker is the perfect solution to ensure that you won’t lose anything – whether a loved one or a prized possession – ever again.

About Trackimo

Trackimo is a smart GPS-GSM device that allows users to keep track of their precious things. With the help of the smartphone technology, you will know where important things are, whether it is your kid, your pet, your car, or even luggage or a purse that you need to keep track of.

Receive real-time tracking alerts by text, email, or by app notifications in case of emergencies, GeoFence breach, overspeeding, or even when it detects sudden movements.

For child safety, Trackimo also comes with an SOS button that pins the device to its location, which you can see via app or desktop – otherwise it also sends emails or text messages that could alert you when emergencies arise.

It also comes with an internationally equipped SIM card so Trackimo can track anywhere in the world as long as 3G systems are available, which guarantees that you can use it anywhere without worrying about the costs – the international SIM card allows your device to receive signals despite being in other countries, and it provides the lowest annual service costs of any tracking device world-wide: safety does not need to be expensive.


Benefits of Trackimo 3G

Children can be located at all times. While this is useful for children of any age, including teenagers – this is especially useful for special needs children, such as those with autism and ADHD – the device can be attached to their clothes via a belt clip. The lightweight and compact design won’t be a bother even to the fussiest of them, and you won’t have to worry every time you lose sight of them, even for just a second.

Running after pets will not be part of afternoons. While a walk in the park is good exercise for you and your dog, sometimes canines have more energy than their owners can ever hope to have. With a tracker attached to your pet’s collar, you won’t have to chase after them all the time, when time comes that your pet becomes tired of playing in the sun, you can locate him easily, thanks to GPS technology.

Worrying about luggage is a thing of the past. Whether you’re sitting in a crowded train or leaving for a business meeting or vacation overseas, you won’t have to worry about misplacing your purse or have your luggage go missing – a click on your smartphone will tell you exactly where it is, just make sure the tracker is fastened somewhere safe and not easily accessible to thieves.

Vehicle theft won’t be your issue.  While many think that the risk of getting their car stolen in Japan is unlikely, thousands of cars are still stolen every year, with a large percentage of these vehicles making their way to other countries involving crime rings. Trackimo’s real-time tracking abilities can ensure that you can help authorities find your car before it is taken to a black market deal – saving you and your insurance company thousands. The vehicle tracking is not limited only to cars, either: bikes and motorcycles can also benefit from using Trackimo, especially considering that over 300,000 bicycles were stolen in 2013 alone. Motorcycle theft can also happen, especially for the more expensive bikes like Ducati and Harley Davidson. In 2016 for instance, Taiwanese men who were said to be part of a theft ring were arrested in Tokyo.


For more details regarding Trackimo products and apps, check out the FAQ section here.  




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