Century 21 SKY Realty

Residential services including showing properties, negotiating lease terms and providing documentation usually in both English and Japanese. Other services include office/commercial leasing, brokering purchase/sale of real estate and property management.

About Century 21 SKY Realty:

We are the premium Estate Agent for Expatriates relocating to Tokyo. Our friendly approach and long experience from over 30 years of operating in Japan will help us make things easy for you. We know how difficult it can be to move to a new, unfamiliar city and we are here to help guide you through the process.

Our Typical Process:

1.  It often starts with a phone call from you, or perhaps just as common these days, an email.  We want to know what you are looking for.  Not only what your basic requirements are, but also what would make up your dream home. Or your dream office! With this we go to work and will provide property information, layouts and photos on what is available. Clients may also search for themselves directly into our database on line. You can even register on our website to receive daily the latest property information we have specifically matching your requirements, hot off the press, as it were.

2.  The next step is to refine the search to determine which properties and areas best serve your needs, and in particular, where may be the best deals.

3. After this our bilingual agents will accompany you by car to view the properties together

4.  Once youve selected your favorite preoperty, we will do our very best to negotiate the best terms and conditions

5.  Lastly, and importantly, we will remain as your agent to help deal with any problems often until you leave or vacate those premises.


How We Can Help You:

For Residential Leasing - "We help people find their dream home"

Century 21 SKY Realty leases Western style apartments and houses in Tokyo for monthly rental fees ranging from reasonable digs to luxury residences. We have developed an extensive database of quality properties in central and suburban Tokyo, including economical apartments, spacious homes for families and luxury residential high rises. Our bilingual agents are skilled at helping people who are new to Japan find the ideal location to accommodate their lifestyles.

Our residential services also include lease negotiation and documentation in both English and Japanese. We also provide introductions to furniture suppliers and interior design services, and we offer orientation services for expats who are relocating to Tokyo. Century 21 SKY Realty will negotiate with landlords to secure improvements to properties, installation or upgrades of curtains and household appliances, installation of high speed internet and access to cable or satellite television services.

Office Leasing - "We help business find room to work"

Century 21 SKY Realty has access to a vast computerized inventory of commercial office space available for lease in central Tokyo. Through associated companies, we can also provide information on available office space throughout most of Japan. We can assist with property searches, financial analyses, lease negotiations, lease language and documentation and market research. Our negotiations encompass rent-free periods, reduced security deposits, landlord-funded building upgrades, rights to option space, rights of first refusal and timely return of excess space. Our additional lease-related services include introduction to service providers and the facilitation of competitive bidding for interior design services, office furniture suppliers, and information processing assessment and installation services.

Asset and Property Management - "We manage space"

Century 21 SKY Realty manages a substantial portfolio of centrally located, mid-size commercial spaces and luxury residential properties. Occupancy levels are consistently maintained above market averages.

Our asset and property management services include:

Portfolio Review:  strategic analysis and investment planning 

Marketing:  tenant and agent relations, lease negotiations, lease documentation, market surveys and pricing strategy 

Operations: maintenance and repairs, restoration supervision, capital expenditures programming, and vendor, personnel and sub-contractor relations

Accounting: invoicing and rent collection, payments, reporting and budgeting

Investment Transactions - "We negotiate deals"

The Century 21 SKY Realty team is recognized in Tokyo for its local market savvy and ability to influence negotiations. We help our clients to maximize the value of their real estate assets, and were prepared to guide them through a variety of complex transactions. Our investment services include: portfolio analysis, strategy formulation, transaction procedure guidance, property search and selection, title search, financial analysis, negotiations, public and private invitation bidding and marketing.


You have a friend in Tokyo!

Please feel free to contact us anytime:

Telephone: +81 (0)3 3585 0021

Email: Contact@Century21Japan.com

Tokyo office: Yatsuka Building 1F, 1-3-8 Higashi-Azabu, Minato-ku


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