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Opened over 25 years ago, Sagemonoya is still the only gallery specialized in antique Netsuke and Sagemono in Japan. It offers a choice of about 500 items and supplies collectors and museums worldwide. Opened daily from 13:30-18:00 Wednesday to Saturday. Other times by Appointment. English Spoken.

Netsuke are miniature sculpture mostly carved in ivory, stag antler and wood, and since the 17th century, are traditionally used with the Kimono sashes to carry Sagemono (hanging things) such as Inro (small medicine lacquer boxes), tobacco pouches, Yatate (portable writing sets), etc.

These are highly-prized and valuable collectibles. Rare antique Netsuke can cost up to 80,000 US$ or more, but at Sagemonoya the prices start from about 200 US$, making them also suitable for original small gifts.

Netsuke cover a wide range of subjects and are thus a perfect way to learn about history, daily life and traditions in Japan. Some Netsuke have also secondary uses, such as ashtrays, flints or sundials.

Sagemonoya sells mostly antique Netsuke, but carvings by contemporary artists such as Masatoshi, Meikei and Ryushi are also available. In addition, Sagemonoya offers a wide range of Inro, Ojime, tobacco pouches, Yatate, Tonkotsu, Bokuto, etc.

Sagemonoya participates three time a year to the Kyoto Antique Show as well as to various yearly events abroad.

A large library of books about Netsuke in many languages are available for study to interested collectors. Some books and catalogues are also for sale.

Sagemonoya’s customers include Museums and leading collectors worldwide, including members of the Japanese imperial family.

Address: Palais Eternel, Suite 704, Yotsuya 4-28-20, Shinjuku, TOKYO 160-0004.

Open Wednesday through Saturday afternoons and by appointment (tel. 03 3352 6286, email
[email protected] ).

English spoken.