Counselling & Therapists

United Counseling Center
Counseling services including psychological assessments and therapy; family, marriage, multicultural and career counseling. 
Parkway Health
Counselling for the treatment of depression, anxiety, stress, substance dependence, and eating disorders. 
Ling Yu International Psychology Centre
Therapy and counselling for individuals, couples and families.
Specialises in stress management, assisting with life transitions, personal and career goal setting, dealing with cultural adjustments and other stress-related issues. 
Community Services Center
Information resource centre offering advice and counselling for practical living 
Life Coach
Gregor Matsudo Tavares is a reiki practitioner, entrepreneur and member of the International Coach Federation. 
Ruoqing Clinic
Offers therapy and clinical services for adults, children, families and couples including psychological assessment and preventative interventions.
Klinoerth Therapy Clinic
Rehabilitation services for children and adults. Promotes healthier lifestyles for rehabilitation. 
Barbara Kiao Counseling
Offers help with addictions, cross-cultural marriages, dysfunctional families, depression and marriage issues
Wales Psychological Clinic
Psychological counseling and psychoanalytic psychotherapy.
Christian Salvation Service
Organisation which helps women and children facing financial, social, psychological and emotional distress by providing medical care and counselling.
Balanced Heart Counseling
Counseling for individuals, couples, and families dealing with anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, grief, self-esteem and identity issues. 
ReAnkos Counseling Center
Counselling centre for anxiety, relationship problems, cross-cultural marriage problems, life adjustment. Individual, couple, and child play therapy with a pyschiatrist
Community Center
Services include transitioning between cultures, heightened anxiety, depression, child issues, marriage relations and addictions.
Focus & Forecast Consultant Company (Double F)
Specialist Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), Workplace Stress Management Program (WSM), crisis call service, training and development programmes, and consultancy service.
Chunyue Psychological Counseling Center
Psychological counselling services include sandplay therapy and private counselling rooms.
Kasandra Associates
Psychological services and management consultancy for individuals, groups, schools and corporate clients.
International Mental Health Association
Offers professional mental health services including psychiatrists and marriage counselling.
Yayasan Baik
Treatments for Children with Autism.
International Wellbeing Center
Holistic and international counseling and wellness center
Olivia’s Place
Pediatric therapy services. Developmental programs for children. 
Daisy Retreat
Residential or day intensive cognitive behavioural therapy and cognitive mindfulness therapy; CBT is the clinically recommended treatment for a range of mood and anxiety disorders. Adults, adolescents and children welcome.
Provides one-on-one services in person or through skype, as well as group presentations.