Online & Distance Therapy Services

Tokyo Online Therapists & Distance Therapy Services in Tokyo.

Mandie Maurer
Experienced counsellor and psychologist specialising in treating common mental health issues.
Tell Japan
Telephone counselling in English for Kids, teens and adults. 
Mie Takaki
Individual and family therapy. Also offers behaviour therapy sessions. Counselling in English.
Tokyo International Psychotherapy
Bilingual counselling and psychotherapy sessions in english. Offers online counselling.
Dr. Andrew Kissane
Counselling & therapy, psychiatry, psychology testing and couples counselling. On site and online counselling for adults and children.
Tony Parmenter
English speaking counsellor, therapist and psychologist. Based in Tokyo, offers online counselling.
Nicolas Dermota
Clinical psychologist specialises in couple therapy, anger management counselling, trauma therapy, addiction and anxiety. Face to face and online counselling. 
Meguro Counseling Center
Psychological counselling, psychotherapy, support, marital and family counselling and life coaching. Skype and Phone therapy available. 
Gayle Olsen
Tokyo family therapy, couples, group, marriage, individual counselling and psychotherapy. Phone and online counselling also available. 
Tokyo Counseling Services
Tokyo Counselling Services  offers individual counselling, couples counselling, marriage counselling and family counselling
Dariusz P. SkowroŇĄski
English speaking psychologist and sexologist. Practice based in Tokyo. Offers online and face to face counselling for individuals and couples.
Scott Smith
Clinical psychologist specialises in working with individuals, couples and families. 
Dr. Tyson Furr
Services include psychotherapy, couple & marriage therapy and counselling & life coaching.