Share Houses

Come on UP
Sharing house and apartment with private rooms offered.
Sakura House
Offers a wide selection of share houses in Tokyo, Izu and Kyoto for monthly, weekly and daily rentals.
Share Style
Specializes in a wide range of co-living spaces and share houses.
One World Sharehouse
The One World Share House is a large, luxurious, very clean and fully renovated house completed last year in 2015 The One World Share House offers more amenities and services than any other share house in Tokyo at no additional charge
Xross House
Wide variety of share houses offered that include dormitories, furnished apartments, private rooms and semi-private rooms.
Female Share House Tama
Located in the area of Gakushuin University. Address is 3-37-3 Takada, Toshimaku.
Borderless House
Shared accommodation, guest houses and home-stay programs in Tokyo. Located at 1-20-7 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku.