Sports Clubs & Associations

Tokyo Snow Club
Snowboard, ski and outdoor club for people living or visiting Japan. During summer months, they organize weekend events that include rafting, camping, island hopping, scuba, winery tours, hiking, climbing, canyoning and parties.
Japan Cycling Navigator
A group of cycling enthusiasts living in Japan. Helps cyclists from other countries who wish to travel in Japan.
Tokyo Gaijins Ski & Snowboarding Club
Ski and snowboarding enthusiasts and hobbyists are welcome to join the club.
Basic or advanced volleyball players and enthusiasts, either Japanese or foreigners are welcome to join the games and social events.
Castle Tintagel
Fight as a knight! Study both unarmoured and armoured medieval combat in Japans only medieval martial arts school. Authentic historical techniques. Fighting ranges from restrained and safe to full contact fun. Become strong through chivalry!
Japan Karate Association
Karate association aimed at promoting Karate. Tokyo headquarters is located at 2-23-15 Koraku, Bunkyo-ku.