Support Groups

Childbirth Education Center
Tokyo childbirth classes, support, preparation for pregnancy, birth and early parenthood. Based on natural childbirth and aims to inform couples of the choices they have so each couple can make decisions based on their own lifestyle and philosophy.
Assistance in finding employment and information about employment opportunities for job seekers with a disability. Located at Advanced Polytechnic Centre, 3-1-2 Wakaba, Mihama-ku, Chiba City.
Japanese Federation of the Deaf
National organisation representing deaf people and those with a hearing impairment in Japan. Located at SK Building 8F, 130 Yamabuki-cho, Shinjuku-ku.
Tokyo Pregnancy Group
Support and instruction for all pregnant and trying to conceive women living in Japan. Meeting and many activities throughout the year.
Japan Helpline
Volunteer assistance 24 hours a day to help the international community with any type of emergency.
Akebonokai Tokyo, Japans breast cancer support group. Their mission is to help women who have breast cancer to get back to a normal life after their operation and raise public awareness. Open weekdays 10:30-16:30 at 3-1-4 Higashiyama, Meguro-ku.
The Japanese Red Cross Language Service Volunteers
In cooperation with Japanese Red Cross Society; a meet and greet service at the airport and sightseeing services. Website contains useful information for disabled people in Tokyo. Located at 1-1-3 Shiba Daimon, Minato-ku.
Tokyo Metropolitan Health and Medical Information Center
Information about medical facilities and the Japanese health insurance system available Monday to Friday 09:00-20:00. With emergency translation services available Monday to Friday 17:00-20:00 and weekends 09:00-20:00.
Japanese Society for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabili...
Promotes awareness and activities for the rehabilitation of people with disabilities. Located at 1-22-1 Toyama, Shinjuku-ku.
Language Teaching Professionals
Supports the professional development of language teachers in Japan.
OCCUR Help Line
Telephone counseling for lesbian and gay life, support group and involvement in court cases to change discriminatory practices. Phone number open weekdays 12:00-20:00.
Disabled Peoples International - Japan
Organisation promoting the rights and integration of people with disabilities. Located at Musashino Building 5F, 3-11-8 Kanda-Nishikicho, Chiyoda-ku.
International Social Service Japan (ISSJ)
Assists in social welfare problems. Mostly used by Americans for adoptions, but will also assist foreigners with marital and legal problems. Located at Ochanomizu K and K Building 3F, 1-10-2 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku.
Narcotics Anonymous
Weekly meetings held on Tuesdays at Franciscan Chapel Center, 4-2-37 Roppongi, Minato-ku and on Wednesdays at 6-2 Kioicho, Chiyodo-ku.
The Japan Deafblind Association
A social welfare association aiming to deliver information, training and support to deafblind people and their families. Conducts workshops and training for deafblind interpreters/guides. Located at Waseda Clover Building 3F, 67 Wasedamachi, Shinjuku-ku.
Tokyo English Life Line
Mental health and psychiatric counselling available everyday 09:00-23:00. Located at Wesley Center 2F, 6-10-11 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku.
Saalaa Womens Shelter
Place where foreign women, who are in urgent need of shelter as a result of human rights violations and domestic violence, can rest mentally and physically.
Metropolitan Police Department
They provide all general police services. Address : 1-1, Kasumigaseki 2-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-8974.
Second Harvest
Food bank where manufacturers, retailers, farmers and individuals can donate food for distribution to welfare agencies, orphanages and shelters. Located at Mizuta Building 1F, 4-5-1 Asakusabashi, Taito-ku.
Human Rights Counseling Center for Foreigners
English consultation is available Tuesday and Thursday 13:30-16:00. Located at Tokyo Legal Affairs Bureau, Kudan Dai-Ni Godo-chosha 12F, 1-1-15 Kudan-Minami, Chiyoda-ku.
International Social Service Japan
Assistance in inter-country adoption, assistance for family reunions across international boundaries and supporting activities for the people applying for the refugee status in Japan.
Cancer Support Community
Cancer support group Tokyo, support for anyone with any type of cancer. Office located at 3-10-4 Toranomon, Minato-ku.
International Medical Information Center (AMDA)
Medical information, interpreter assistance, referrals, and information about the Japanese health care system. Services are available in English Monday to Friday 09:00-17:00.
Japanese Red Cross Society
Services: disaster response, medical and safety services, social welfare services, blood programme and nursing education. National headquarters located at 1-1-3, Shiba Daimon, Minato-ku.
Non-profit fund supporting the ongoing work of Japans mental health professionals directly giving counseling relief services for the children and their families in the Tohoku region who were affected by the disaster.
Overeaters Anonymous
Overeaters group Tokyo, eating disorder support, mission is to share experience, strength and hope to recover from compulsive overeating. Twice weekly meetings in Tokyo and also via Skype.
A Dream A Day in Tokyo
An organization that aims to help children with life threatening disease spend quality time with their families. Located at Matrix Co., Ltd Mine Building, 2-8-15 Kami Osaki, Shinagawa-Ku.
Children’s Rights Council (Abduction Alert)
Tokyo child advocacy group, mission is to offer information and resources for childrens rights issues in Japan with a focus on children of divorce, separation or born out of wedlock.
Children’s Rights Council (Abduction Alert)
Tokyo child advocacy group, mission is to offer information and resources for childrens rights issues in Japan with a focus on children of divorce, separation or born out of wedlock.
La Leche League
Tokyo breastfeeding mothers support, international group dedicated to providing education, information, support and encouragement to women who want to breastfeed. There are 2 groups in Tokyo and both hold separate monthly meetings at different locations.
Gay community centre that focuses on HIV/AIDS prevention and information. Located at Nakae Building 3F, 2-15-13 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku.
Foreign Residents' Advisory Center, Tokyo Metropolitan Gover...
General counseling service on marital, family and other personal difficulties including traffic accidents. English service is open Monday to Friday 09:30-12:00 and 13:00-17:00. 2-8-1 Nishi-shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku.
The Japanese Association on Disability and Difficulty
Aims is to protect the rights of people with disabilities, and to improve the lives of the disabled by creating policies and conducting research. Located at Nishiwaseda Sekiguchi Building 4F, 2-15-10 Nishiwaseda, Shinjuku-ku.
Foreign Students Advisory Service
Advice for foreign students on scholarships, housing problems, Japanese visas and resolving difficulties of daily life in Japan.
Japanese Mothers For Foreign Students
Volunteer group that supports international students in Japan based on a one on one relationship in a family context. Located at 1-8-11 Kandasurugadai, Chiyoda-ku.
Sexaholics Anonymous
Support group for people with sexual compulsions and obsessions, fellowship of men and women who share their strength, experience and hope with each other to solve their common problem. Weekly meetings in Roppongi, please email for information.
The Americans Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center
The center serves abused Americans, mostly women and children, in both civilian and military populations overseas; can be reached internationally toll-free 866-USWOMEN (879-6636).
Association of Foreign Wives of Japanese
Provides members with friendship, support, mutual help in adapting to Japanese society.
Alcoholics Anonymous Tokyo
Tokyo alcoholics anonymous, dedicated to assisting people living or visiting Japan in finding meeting, alcoholic help in Tokyo and alcoholic assistance in Japan.
Tesco Premium Search Co, Ltd
Employment agency that assists disabled people to gain employment. Website has travel information for wheelchair users. Located at Bancho HY Building 6F, 11-5 Nibancho, Chiyoda-ku.
Japan ASL Signers Society
Conducts workshops, classes and deaf support group. Open Tuesday to Friday 11:30-21:00; Saturday 10:00-18:00. Located at 3-3-11 Iidabashi, Chiyoda-ku.
SIDS Family Association
Support group for families who have suffered a loss of a baby for any reason including miscarriage, stillbirth, prenatal death or infant death. Office located at 6-20-209 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku.
Disabilities Information Resources
Information website supporting the study of health and welfare topics for people with disabilities.
Japanese Society for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabili...
Promotes awareness and activities for the rehabilitation of people with disabilities. Located at 1-22-1 Toyama, Shinjuku-ku.
Japanese ASL Signers Society
American sign language society in Tokyo, International sign classes, workshops, tours, deaf support in Tokyo and lectures. Open Tuesday to Friday 11:30-21:00 and Saturday 10:00-18:00 at 3-3-11 Iidabashi, Chiyoda-ku.
Japan Management Association
Purpose of association shall be to contribute to develop the Japanese economy, improve the nations living standard and encourage growth of the global society. Address : Nihon Noritsu Kyokai Bldg. 1-22, Shiba Koen 3-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-8522.