started by: Anonymous · last update: 1471586668 · posted: 1470643229

Any idea how to go about this?

started by: 123Blossom · last update: 1469442866 · posted: 1444319115

I am looking for a good secondhand bike I could use to get to places while staying here in Tokyo. Is there a market for bikes that I could go to? Or any suggestions for a nice place that sells used bikes at a good price?

started by: Anonymous · last update: 1467958965 · posted: 1461562524

A friend of mine wants to explore Tokyo using a motorbike. Does he need to have a special license? Where can he rent a motorbike? 

started by: Anonymous · last update: 1458541939 · posted: 1457918889

Hi all. Anyone have an idea where I can rent vintage cars for a day or two?

started by: PatrickLam · last update: 1434732829 · posted: 1434038236

A friend is visiting over and would like to see motorcycle showrooms in Tokyo. Not really a big fan of motorbikes so I would appreciate if anyone could give recommendations on good shops to start.

started by: 55ATTA55 · last update: 1431611464 · posted: 1430239730

Can anyone recommend a nice place to buy bikes? Doesn't matter if it's English speakingor ot, will be bringing a friend with me.

started by: Harold-943765 · last update: 1431432931 · posted: 1430312277

Any recommendations on where to get good deals on car parts?

started by: PacMan-911905 · last update: 1429621204 · posted: 1429191904

A colleague is looking for a company that offers long term car rentals. Does anyone know of such a company?

started by: TokyoBetsy · last update: 1429096743 · posted: 1428508598

What would be the best way to sell a car here in Tokyo?

started by: ThaiGuy · last update: 1428333818 · posted: 1427727451

Any recommendations for a good mechanic? A friend's got a nice Harley that's needing attention. Thanks!

started by: JapanLover · last update: 1417358877 · posted: 1414343132

I just purchased my first car here! Where's the best place to wash it or buy the car wash stuff for me to wash myself? Thanks!

started by: Gibby-943749 · last update: 1415126381 · posted: 1410018691

Hi, I'll be visiting Tokyo soon for 6-8 weeks. What's the cheapest way to rent a car in Tokyo for 6-8 weeks? Thank you in advance!

started by: TokyoBelle · last update: 1414343242 · posted: 1403373331

Just sharing an observation. There are so many high walls used in Japan's communities that it creates a ton of "blind" corners. The mirrors help, but you still need to be so careful driving a car of on a bicycle.

started by: PrinceF · last update: 1412011781 · posted: 1412011781

Do I need a Japanese motorcycle license to drive a scooter? Thank you in advance, Prince

started by: JapanLover · last update: 1411069806 · posted: 1410700334

Is there a frequent user discount for ETC tolls?

started by: JohnD-972204 · last update: 1408211950 · posted: 1408185734

Hi All, just moved to Tokyo. We would like to buy one of the Panasonic electric bikes which seat 2 kids. Does anyone know where you can buy them ? We live near Sendagaya. Thanks in advance. John

started by: Running_ · last update: 1407685279 · posted: 1355080069

Do I need a Japanese driver license to drive in Japan or can I just use my international driver permit?

started by: Shopaholic-911913 · last update: 1405308313 · posted: 1403875444

There are too many trucks driving in Tokyo. They are typically bad drivers and it can be dangerous. Is there any solution to this problem?

started by: PacMan-911905 · last update: 1403198318 · posted: 1403198318

Is there any good English language car navigation available in Japan? Thank you!

started by: Gibby-943749 · last update: 1402048127 · posted: 1401464806

Hi, what's the difference between the yellow and white license plates on the cars? Thank you.

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