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Hi All, just moved to Tokyo. We would like to buy one of the Panasonic electric bikes which seat 2 kids. Does anyone know where you can buy them ? We live near Sendagaya. Thanks in advance. John


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Hi John,

Thank you for your question. We re-posted your question on our AngloINFO Tokyo Facebook page and here's a helpful response for you:

Licky Cheezle Noblots commented on a link AngloINFO Tokyo shared.
Licky wrote: "Shop around - there are lots of brands, big price differences. The kids' seats are attachments that fit on any bike. Most bike shops have electric bikes. And if they don't they'll show you a shop nearby that does."

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Another great tip originally shared on the AngloINFO Tokyo Facebook page:

Chris wrote: "Justco Shinagawa and they deliver as well."

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Fantastic. Thanks very much for the advice. Much appreciated. John

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And many nice people willing to help:

Cindy wrote: "We bought our electric bicycle in Daykanyama. I think the name of the shop is called "Motovelo". Great after care as well."

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