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Are there speed cameras in Japan? Anyone here have any experience with them? I speed on the tollways almost everyday recently and haven't had any problems yet. Maybe I should slow down?

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How do you find driving in Japan?

started by: 0222Yuto · last update: 1389636735 · posted: 1389448266

Where's the best place to purchase a bicycle in Tokyo? Thank you!

started by: ThaiGuy · last update: 1388584357 · posted: 1388158865

Is it against the law in Japan to talk on the phone while driving?

started by: aaa111 · last update: 1388229355 · posted: 1388229355

Can someone please explain the car shaken procedure in Japan? Thank you

started by: GoVikings · last update: 1387548986 · posted: 1387017126

Any advice please?

started by: ChocolateLover-911923 · last update: 1383310252 · posted: 1382878027

How to get a Japanese driver license?

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What's up with the yellow license plates in Japan?

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Is it common for foreigners to drive in Japan?

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How much does it cost to buy a used, older model car in Tokyo?

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I recently bought a car in Tokyo, can someone please advise me if I should get an ETC tollway card.

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I need to renew my Japanese driver license soon. Has anyone here done the renewal recently? Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Hi, I just noticed all the cars here stop before crossing railroad tracks, is that a law in Japan?

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Hi, does anyone have any tips for cheap parking in Tokyo?

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Are there any English speaking driving schools in Tokyo? Thank you in advance.

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Can anyone tell me what are rules laws to ride a bicycle in Japan? And are there any bike rental shops in Tokyo? 

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