Cherry Tree Blossoms

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Hello, any ideas on when and where to go to see the best cherry trees blossoming in Tokyo?

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out2back 1362995737

Sumida park near Asakura station is a great spot.

BlacklabBonnie 1363190034

Ueno park is very popular....don't forget your blue tarp...LOL

BillF 1363282465

The cherry trees should start to blossom soon. They usually are in full bloom from the last week of March until the middle of April. However, sometimes it's so windy, the blossoms fall off the trees early.

ILUVTokyo 1363349770

Ueno park and Yoyogi Park are probably the most popular spots in Tokyo to enjoy the Sakura. They have such beautiful landscapes there, but there are so many other places too.

Yankees 1363433034

The Imperial Palace has beautiful cherry trees as well...enjoy!

Fabulousone 1363524519

I just read a news article that says the cherry blossom season has officially begun as of yesterday, March 16. It said it is the earliest start on record. Enjoy!!!

_Therisingsun_ 1363608802


Yasukuni Shrine is my favorite!

Expat1979 1363894028

I was out and about town today and it seems it's still a little early for the sakura viewing.

ILUVTokyo 1364054847

I just read a news article that the cherry blossoms are at peak already! Better hurry to enjoy them. I sure hope it doesn't get too windy and blow them all down.

choo choo 1364227623

Here's a map of the Sakura / Hanami / Cherry Tree Blossom's in Japan provided by the JNTO -

Spiderman-879047 1364300674

The worst thing about the cherry tree blossoms is they only last 1-2 weeks :-(

ILUVTokyo 1364494850

I just got back from Ueno park yesterday. It's very crowded, but worth it.

sake69 1365211765

The season is almost over. I think this weekend will be the last chance to see the cherry blossoms in 2013. 

TUXEDO-878012 1365338728

I think this wind today has blown off the last cherry blossoms. Time to wait until next year. They definitely don't last long enough. I wish there were a way to keep them longer somehow.

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