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, i overstay my visa for about  2years from now, but luckily i was already married to guy who is also single and we live together now as a couple  but we don't have a children yet and also i already meet his parents, brothers and also his nieces , and last july, i decided to go and face my charges at the immigration by  hoping that they would give  me a chance to change my tourist visa to a spouse visa and we talk to the officer and he interview me a little question and he said that i have to leave the country and i will be back after 1 year after .but my husband didn't allow it and we choose to stay and the officer said that we are going to have   an investigation or under investigation  and we should wait for their call of when will be our next examination. and they gave as a paper that has some of requirements that we should take . we all have  their  requirements except for his taxes he never pay his tax since he was working by his own ,actually he had money we live in a decent mansion and he give everything i want  but  the problem is he doesn't pay any taxes since before, this is the only problem by now , and he just work for now at his older brother so he can start paying his tax ..is there any chance that the immigration will grant my application as a spouse visa ? actually the officer call us already 2times the officer asking if where am i or what did i do for today and asking if where is my husband is, its been 1month already since we passed our application ,is there any chance that they won't charge a deportation order??i was very scared by the result of this case, i hope you can give me some advise so i can calm a little, everyday it was very confusing and I'm not really comfortable about their judgement.i hope anyone can give me an advice for this pleaseee,,thanks a lot.

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I am in need of an English speaking lawyer who can help me with some rental issues. Anyone got recommendations?

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I want to invest in Gold, does anyone know where in Tokyo that I can purchase gold coins?

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Any recommendations for an English speaking notary public?

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Here's a list of Expat friendly Lawyers in Tokyo >> http://tokyo.angloinfo.com/af/275/tokyo-lawyers-law-firms-and-legal-advice.html Hope this helps you :-)

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I have a great business idea. I want to learn about how to start a business in Japan. Can someone please share any experience with starting a Japanese company?

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Hi, can anyone recommend a Tokyo bank for expats in Japan? I would like to open a bank account here but not sure where to start.

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Hello, can someone please give me some advice to obtain a credit card in Japan? I've applied several times, but they won't approve me. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you

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Hit a 5 year high recently at 105 yen per usd

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Any recommendations for a good bank for foreigners in Tokyo? English language would be great!

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I'm having a legal problem here in Tokyo. Can anyone recommend a good English speaking lawyer in Tokyo please?

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Any good banks for Expats in Tokyo? Thank you

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Well, since the USA government can't agree on anything. The USD is losing value, last time I checked it was down to 97 JPY to 1 USD.

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I still have to file my USA taxes for 2012. My friend told me that we get a 2 month extension since we are non-USA residents, I hope that's true?

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I'm sooo happy....93.3 Yen to USD today!

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The Bank of Japan just announced they will print a lot of new Yen. Enough yen to double the current amount in circulation. The governments aim is to create inflation and stop the cycle of deflation in Japan. What do you think about this?

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Anyone can help me with my taxes?

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Hello, I need to overstay my tourist visa for approximately 2 weeks so I can travel together with my boyfriend over golden week. Does anyone know what will happen when I leave from Narita airport? 

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Hi, I need to get some loan documents notarized to send back to my bank in the US. Does anyone know of a notary here in Japan?

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