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If you had to pick just 1 Japanese word for a foreigner to learn, what would it be?

started by: Mubarak-879055 · last update: 1366232095 · posted: 1365990914

I just wanted to say that I really appreciate this website. We use the what's on guide regularly and it has been a home away from home for our family...thank you.

started by: Mommykloset · last update: 1365601829 · posted: 1364727581

What is yellow sand? I've heard several people mention it recently.

started by: Fight99 · last update: 1365101107 · posted: 1362226036

What can we do when there's an earthquake? What's the best way to protect my family while we're living in Tokyo?

started by: kitten-879052 · last update: 1364919118 · posted: 1362021726

I have a SoftBank iPhone 5 and I'm looking for any useful apps for people living here.

started by: BamBam-878007 · last update: 1364750607 · posted: 1358710278

Advice please - any recommendations on where to take a girl on a date in Tokyo?

started by: Running_ · last update: 1364410609 · posted: 1364061066

Hello, I would like to experience a bullet train in Tokyo. Does anyone know about a good route to take that isn't too long or too expensive?

started by: BamBam-878007 · last update: 1364241043 · posted: 1363012285

Hello, I'm interested in the JET teacher program in Japan. Can anyone please tell me about it? What do you like, not like? Thank you.

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Planning a trip to Tokyo early next year and I'm currently making my itinerary. Any ideas on what to do and where to go? Is it alright to stay in those capsule rooms or better to get a regular room? Thanks.

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Where is the best place to see Cherry blossoms? This is my first spring in Tokyo and I would appreciate your suggestions. Thank you.

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I'm fairly new to Tokyo, what's the story behind the women only train cars?

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I am currently on a business trip in Shanghai, China. I'm surprised at how I miss both Facebook and Twitter. They have become such a big part of my daily life. China's big firewall has shut me out from both for the last week, but I'm leaving tomorrow to Tokyo and will be back to my "social" life soon.

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What is White Day in Japan?

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When does springtime normally commence in the Tokyo area?

started by: Fabulousone · last update: 1362557740 · posted: 1361629208

I just read an article that the Japanese government just executed 3 more prisoners. The article said it was by hanging. Is that a misprint? I thought most civilized countries had moved past hanging.

started by: kiwi.nz · last update: 1362436001 · posted: 1362229589

I'm interested in some Ikebana lessons. Does anyone know if there are some reasonably priced lessons maybe at a community center or the like either around Kanagawa somewhere between Nakanoshima and Musashikosugi  or on the Toyoko line between Shibuya and Musashikosugi? Thank you

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The earthquake today scared me!

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Abe is meeting with Obama today in the US. I'm curious if there will be any action against North Korea due to their latest nuclear test last week.

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Hello Everyone, my japanese driver license expires in February. Has anyone here renewed their license recently? What is the current procedure for renewal? Thank you very much!

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What's an otaku? A friend of mine used the term at dinner last night.

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