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What's an otaku? A friend of mine used the term at dinner last night.

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I have a business trip to Tokyo in February, how are the business hotels? They look like they are a good price, but are they clean? Thank you

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it's my first winter in Tokyo, I thought it would snow more than it has so far. is this normal?

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Have you thought about your New Year Resolution yet? Would you like to share?

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Can anyone point to someone that does canvas printing of photographs? Looking for one to print our Family Christmas Photo. Thanks.

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Did you take down your Christmas tree yet? I took ours down yesterday and I was thinking a lot of other people doing same thing at that time. Have a good year until next Christmas...

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I am going on a business trip next year for two months and I am hoping to rent a local phone with mobile internet services. Appreciate any leads. Thanks.

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Warm wishes to you and your family for a prosperous and happy New Year!

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Merry Christmas from AngloINFO...wishing everyone the best....

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Hi, I just recently moved to Tokyo. Can someone please help me and tell me what is a -ku? I just moved in to Minato-ku. Thank u.

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I recently moved to Tokyo, can someone please give me some advice on setting up my utilities in Tokyo? Gas, electricity, telephone, etc? Thank you

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There is a possibility we will move to Tokyo and was so happy when I saw AngloINFO has started a site there too. I've been looking through the site for information, which has been great.. I love doing Pilates and notice you have some classes listed, would they be conducted in English?

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