started by: Toyota-943759 · last update: 1453377705 · posted: 1453117734

Does anyone know if there's a procedure to follow or you can just show up at the doorsteps? Also, what charities accepts volunteers?

started by: Ichiro · last update: 1453204543 · posted: 1452959066

A friend is looking for solar panels installers - anyone knows of a good and reliable company?  

started by: whitters-10045591 · last update: 1452709491 · posted: 1451960930

Hi All My daughter is in the process of applying for a teaching position with the British Council. This is to teach English in a Japanese school. It is in the very early stages, having just passed the first stage. She has worked in France and Italy, but Japan feels like another ball game, though an amazing opportunity. Can anybody give any advice in terms of questions to ask, and issues about living in Japan. Your experiences and advice would be gratefully received Andy

started by: Belinda-943751 · last update: 1452703753 · posted: 1452262123

I accidentally smashed the screen of my iPhone. Does anyone know the best place to get it fixed for a good price? Thanks in advance!

started by: BusyMom-943755 · last update: 1452349943 · posted: 1452002863

My son is so hooked into MMA and is asking for shirts - anyone knows where can I get these?

started by: MaryBeth-943760 · last update: 1451920088 · posted: 1449758920

Does anyone know of an English speaking piano teacher who can come to the student's house for lessons?

started by: RockU · last update: 1451665873 · posted: 1451665873

A prosperous New Year to everyone!

started by: CindyR · last update: 1451483515 · posted: 1450883218

Any idea where can we watch fireworks with kids on New Year's eve? 

started by: TokyoBetsy · last update: 1450797288 · posted: 1450445830

I'm referring to the likes of Daiso and Seria - any ideas?

started by: Ebisu123 · last update: 1449843561 · posted: 1448984899

Has anyone tried it here? Been looking for some companies that offer here. Would love yo hear personal insights on this.

started by: DisneyRules · last update: 1449226940 · posted: 1448880508

Has anyone got recommendations on where best to shop for antique furnitures?

started by: obama-878021 · last update: 1448548855 · posted: 1448548855

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends here in Tokyo. May your turkey be well cooked!

started by: VirginiaM · last update: 1448454716 · posted: 1446736662

I would like to get a henna tattoo. Suggest some perfect place here in Tokyo.

started by: PeterStein · last update: 1447923905 · posted: 1445610650

I am in search of 10-20 C19/C20 power cables. Any ideas where I can get them?

started by: H.Yamaguchi · last update: 1447600216 · posted: 1447522718

Sending prayers to citizens of Paris on the tragedy that befell their country. 

started by: JohnM-943744 · last update: 1447063857 · posted: 1445788489

Any idea where can I have about a hundred pieces of shirts printed for a company event? Preferably someone who can give a big discount for bulk orders. Thanks. John

started by: Hanns-943757 · last update: 1446564061 · posted: 1445863751

Has anyone got ideas on where to take a crash course on German language?

started by: Ayaya · last update: 1444736351 · posted: 1444736351

Can anyone recommend a supplier for fake grass please? Need a quote for an event as soon as possible.  Thank you.

started by: RockU · last update: 1443985550 · posted: 1443704915

Any idea where can I hire a reggae band for a comoany event?

started by: TokyoBetsy · last update: 1443373450 · posted: 1439909421

Can anyone recommend a good Japanese tutor? Preferably someone who can do home based tutoring.

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