started by: PrinceF · last update: 1432294301 · posted: 1431808032

Any recommendation on where to buy sturdy cardboard boxes?

started by: obama-878021 · last update: 1432137308 · posted: 1430740164

I am looking into getting a quad drone as a hobby. Any ideas on regulations of drobws here in Tokyo?

started by: Lil’Cat · last update: 1431870094 · posted: 1430134484

I need to have a few documents translated to Japanese. Can anyone recommend a good translator?

started by: Aussie3-878027 · last update: 1431339449 · posted: 1430920719

Any recommendations for removal companies for a local move (within Tokyo)?

started by: Francois-943748 · last update: 1430055763 · posted: 1429454831

Where to watch the Pacquiao - Mayweather fight? Any recommendations for a good sports bar?

started by: 1Skywalker1 · last update: 1429878634 · posted: 1427372481

Does anyone knows where to hire a mechanical bull?

started by: SuzieQ-911906 · last update: 1429351953 · posted: 1428596603

Any idea where I can get my ears pierced?

started by: PacMan-911905 · last update: 1429273846 · posted: 1428242840

Anyone here who's from the British Embassy?

started by: MaryBeth-943760 · last update: 1428410411 · posted: 1426962664

Can anyone recommend a company where we can hire a mini bus?

started by: PatrickLam · last update: 1428067668 · posted: 1427192801

I am looking to start playing some golf. Any recommendations for lessons? English is the medium preferred. Thank you.

started by: SuzieQ-911906 · last update: 1427972280 · posted: 1427972280

Any Easter activities for the kids?

started by: Michelle-943742 · last update: 1427287835 · posted: 1426457327

Can anyone tell me where to buy Beats headphones? My son had been asking for them and as I am not familiar with these, I thought I'd seek help here. Thank you in advance.

started by: PattyW · last update: 1427046340 · posted: 1426255264

I am looking into getting Ikebana classes. Can anyone recommend a good class in Tokyo? Preferred one that is in English. Thank you.

started by: RockU · last update: 1426851594 · posted: 1425215235

Are there stores in Tokyo where you can buy luxury watches at a discounted rate? Sort of a secondhand store for luxury watches.

started by: Suzuki-943770 · last update: 1426593755 · posted: 1426593755

Are ice cream food carts available for hire to parties here in Tokyo?

started by: SuzieQ-911906 · last update: 1425994970 · posted: 1424172216

Hi. Does anyone know where I can get hold of someone who can make a diaper cake?

started by: Geoffrey-943769 · last update: 1425114275 · posted: 1423831186

Is it possible to buy an authentic samurai sword and have it shipped outside Japan?

started by: Harold-943765 · last update: 1424690896 · posted: 1422369830

Any recommendations on where to buy men's clothing in size XXL?

started by: Aussie3-878027 · last update: 1424256657 · posted: 1424256657

Stay safe and warm everyone.  http://bit.ly/1EMKH08

started by: Suzuki-943770 · last update: 1423478631 · posted: 1420552067

A friend who's into photography will be visiting soon and was asking if there are photowalks in Tokyo. Can anyone help?

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