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Is it safe to drink tap water in Tokyo?

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Can anyone tell me where can I buy a hanten? I was told they'd be in a kimono store but all I see are female kimonos.

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Over the years, I have learned some tricks of the trade to help you save money on your heating bill in Japan. I'll provide some tips in this thread. Feel free to add more as we go.  tip #1 - use gas for heat instead of electricity - simply put gas is cheaper than electricity. consider using kerosene, but it's more labor intensive needing to refill, etc

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I've read somewhere that people with tattoos are not allowed on spas? Is this true?

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Anybody have another good jogging spot in Tokyo besides running around the Imperial Palace? Thank you!

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Another Malaysian airline's jet is missing! Yikes!

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Electrician in brisbane - The Experts Oz specialises in air conditioning solutions, including installing, supplying and servicing air conditioning units, and also offers electrical and refrigeration services.

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What recommendations do you have to celebrate Christmas in Tokyo?

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Any advice for getting a China visa in Tokyo? Do I go to Chinese Embassy? TIA!

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I just read about a near epidemic of Influenza in Tokyo. The most alarming part is that it's too early in the season already, just November! Be careful...

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Where are the best spots in Tokyo area to see the Autumn leaves? Thank you

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AngloINFO Tokyo would like to extend our "Welcome to Tokyo!" We are delighted to have you here and hope that our information will help you get settled in your new place. Our AngloINFO community can help ewith these following key aspects of your new life here: 1. Tokyo Information pages >> http://tokyo.angloinfo.com/information 2. Tokyo Classifieds >> http://tokyo.angloinfo.com/classifieds 3. Tokyo What's On Guide >> http://tokyo.angloinfo.com/whatson 4. Tokyo Discussions >> http://tokyo.angloinfo.com/forum 5. Tokyo Real Estate and Tokyo Apartment Finder >> http://tokyo.angloinfo.com/myangloinfo/myproducts/property 6. Tokyo Business Directory >> http://tokyo.angloinfo.com/business-directory 7. Blogs about Tokyo >> http://blogs.angloinfo.com/?rid=050 Our Friendly & Professional AngloINFO Tokyo staff are here for you anytime if you have any questions or need assistance. Please contact us at Tokyo@AngloINFO.com :-)

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We're doing a survey on why Expats moved to Japan. Can you please share why you originally moved here? Thank you.

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Which one is better to use when meeting a Japanese person?

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Why do they make slides in Japan with little rollers instead of a smooth surface? Anyone know Why?

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Here is a list of English speaking counsellors in Tokyo >> http://tokyo.angloinfo.com/af/477/counselling-and-therapists.html

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Will these demonstrations lead to a Democracy? What do you think?

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What time do fire sales start at grocery stores in Tokyo? Is it everyday?

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Is it a rule that we should wear our company ID badge on the train?

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Why are swim caps required in all pools in Japan?

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