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Has anyone tried this drug? Anyone knows if it's available here in Tokyo?

started by: Anonymous · last update: 1470381306 · posted: 1470207878

Has anyone got recommendations? A friend need to see one immediately.

started by: Anonymous · last update: 1468291045 · posted: 1468114002

Any idea where best to get a tattoo removed?

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Any idea where to go? Need to have ones made soon as mine broke. 

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Hi all. Mother-in-law will be visiting soon and would like to rent a wheelchair during her stay.

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Anyone knows where I can buy one of these? 

started by: Vampire-943767 · last update: 1455188379 · posted: 1454509845

Looking to have a nice haircut and have my beard trimmed as well. Any recommendations, gentlemen?

started by: GoVikings · last update: 1454862981 · posted: 1454253812

Has anyone got contact with an English speaking physiotherapist? Injured myself yesterday and needs to see one.

started by: MyHero · last update: 1454422674 · posted: 1454172384

Can anyone recommend a clinic to have tests done at a cheap price (ie blood count, etc)? Preferably English speaking as I speak little Japanese.

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Looking for a dentist to do dental porcelain -- any recommendations?

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Hi everyone. A friend had surgery to remove a cataract in his left eye about 10 years ago. After the surgery he developed a bit of a blurry arc with a couple of dots (which at the time was said to be normal) and it seems to be getting worse and now he have that blurry arc forming in his right eye. Any ideas on what it could be before he books in to see the doc?

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Been thinking of having it done finally here after many months of putting it off. Can anyone give feedback on how much would it cost here in Tokyo? Also looking for recommendations on eye specialists. 

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Hi all. Has anyone had undergone cosmetic dental surgery here in Tokyo? I'd appreciate it if you can share your experiences as to the cost and recommendations for dentists as well.

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Ladies, where do you go for a microdermabrasion here in Tokyo? 

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My niece, who's visiting over is having asthma attacks. Does anyone know of a doctor in Tokyo that can see her? English speaking preferred.  Thanks. - Beth

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Can anyone recommend a make up class I could attend to? Preferably one in English.

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Can anyone recommend a doctor who does vein treatments? Preferably someone whom has a good track of succesful operations.

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Looking for recommendations on salons that does eyebrow threading. Thanks!

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Can anyone point me where I can buy raw unrefined shea butter here in Tokyo?

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