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Hi. Anyone knows of any English speaking plumbing service?

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Can anyone tell me where to buy jute rope here in Tokyo?

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Any idea where to purchase fine woodworking tools?

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Anyone knows where to have blinds custom made here? Preferably ones that wouldn't cost me a lot.

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As the title says. Just recently moved and looking for cheap but nice furniture for my home. Just the basic ones. Any good recommendations?

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Can anyone recommend someone who can check out my sewing machine? Someone who can speak English preferably.

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Any idea where? Looking into searching at garden shops, would it help?

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We just published a brand new Guide to Investing in Tokyo Real Estate, it can be found directly by clicking this link below: http://blogs.angloinfo.com/being-an-expat-in-tokyo/2015/10/23/investing-in-tokyo-real-estate/

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Here is a list of Tokyo Apartments currently available, and they are updated daily: http://property.angloinfo.com/tokyo

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Tokyo real estate is confusing to me. Sometimes the price is so high and other times very reasonable without any rhyme or reason. Can someone please help me to learn about Tokyo Real estate? Thank you  

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Looking into knocking down a wall between the kitchen and dining room. Could anyone recommend a good company to do such job?

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Here is a list of English speaking and Foreigner friendly Realtors in Tokyo >> http://tokyo.angloinfo.com/af/16/tokyo-property-and-real-estate.html

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Any recommendations for a good and reliable cleaning company who can do an all-around tidyng of a newly bought house?

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My washing machine just stopped working. Any recommendations for a trustworthy repairman?

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Looking to buy various fabrics for a small project; any recommendations for a nice shop with a variety of linens?

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A friend is searching for a travel cooker of Sanyo RN 38-NF. Has anyone seen and knows where can I buy this? Thank you.

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Suggestions on where to buy quality kitchen knife?

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Where can I get Japanese woodworking tools?

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Any suggestions for finding an apartment in Tokyo? Thank you in advance!

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Can anyone advise me of where to buy normal style insulation to put in a roof space area to try and help keep the house warm. I am in Nippori but am happy to take a roll of it via the metro. Thankyou in advance.

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