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Hi everyone. Just wondering what parks permits walking dogs with and without leash?Many thanks.

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Looking to adopt a good dog; any recommendations for shelters?

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My girlfriend adores Cairn terriers and since her birthday is coming up, I decided to gift her with a puppy. Does anyone know of any reputable breeders here in Tokyo?

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Miyuki and Thierry are offering a 100 % Free Live-In Pet Sitting Service anywhere in Tokyo and/or around Japan • Who are we ? - a Mid 50' French-Japanese married couple with about 3 year of full time Pet sitting experiences around the World, Retired in 2007, Ultra long distances runners living an healthier and simpler life - Miyuki was born in 1959 in Japan and is a Certified Pet sitter By Japan Pet sitter Association she previously worked as Secretary to CEO - Thierry was born in 1963 in France, has attended a House Sitting International program. he has been living in Japan since 1992 and is a former employee at Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Gaimusho In 2012 , as reliable and trustworthy married couple , we decided to dedicate ourselves to Full Time FREE Pet sitting around the Globe looking after fur babies or houses while owners were away for extended period of time. • Worldwide Experiences . . . We have been pet sitting in rural areas as well as cities downtown - Providing Tender Loving Care to ~ Yukiko , a 3 month old Husky ~ Alba , a Female cat with 5 kittens ~ Quinn , a 13 years old female Samoyed dog ~ Mille, a Tibetan Mastif dog with Strong Character ~ Auris, a female rescued dog not so easy with new people ~ Mandu, a Cat with some problem possibly due to a castration operation ~ Ulysse, a Chartreux cat , a rare breed of domestic cat from France in countries such as Australia , France , Singapore , Nepal , USA and as well as here in Tokyo - Japan for Embassies Diplomats ! During those sits we also kept in pristine condition Million Dollar house which was in a Market, we maintained Garden and Pools in perfect conditions as well as looking after House personnel . - All our Worldwide references and recommendations can be obtained upon demand . . . • The Numerous Advantages of a Live-in Certified Pet sitter By Japan Pet sitter Association with Japanese lifetime Experience - a Live-in Certified Pet sitter By Japan Pet sitter Association assures that your love-pet will never be left alone, when " Other " Sitters will be out sightseeing from Morning to Evening - - a Live-in Certified Pet sitter By Japan Pet sitter Association makes sure your pet keeps the same "Japanese " diet and routine with full attention, plenty of play time and - if a dog - lot of walking time fitting and interacting with neighborhood - a Live-in Certified Pet sitter By Japan Pet sitter Association provides regular updates with Photos and Videos and remains in constant communications in Japanese when needed - a Live-in Certified Pet sitter By Japan Pet sitter Association performs light domestic duties : such as mail collection, able to read Japanese forward important mails in Japanese , feeding the fish or Kois , watering the plants or most importantly recycling all garbages according to your -KU - a Live-in Certified Pet sitter By Japan Pet sitter Association by its presence is the ideal solution , ... especially if owner wants the added security of someone staying in the house whilst being away, Zero Complain from Neighbors about unappropriated behavior. - a Live -in Certified Pet sitter By Japan Pet sitter Association your IDEAL option as Per - Japanese PetCare Industry Laws , one should be certified to handle Pets in Japan - The sitter will not be facing language Barrier in event of Major Issues: Pet's Health or Natural disasters .All emergency calls being made in Japanese . If you have any questions , feel free to drop us a line . . . we remain open to any discussion and available any where in Japan . . . ! Thank you ! Miyuki and Thierry

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Has anyone got a recommendation for a reliable pet relocation company?

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Can anyone recommend a store that sells exotic pets?

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Looking for recommendations on pet shops for rabbits or hamster. Can speak a little Japanese so language is not a problem.

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Can someone please help me? I would like to buy a dog in Tokyo, where's a good place to shop? Thank you in advance, Liz

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Hi, I am new here with my dog. What do we need to pay attention while walking dogs in public areas? Any input is aprreciated. 

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We just bought a cat. Anybody know what vaccines are required? I'd like to know before going to the vet in a few days? also, any decent veterinarians in Tokyo?

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Hello, does anyone here know if there are any requirements for cats to be vaccinated in Japan? Thank you

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Can somebody recommend an Englishp speaking veterinaria in Shibuya area? Thanks.

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Are there any good pet adoption shelters here in Tokyo? We want a dog, but don't want to just buy from a pet shop. Thanks in advance.

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