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Every weekend and Tuesday / Thursday weekdays, we practice a comprehensive Taiji Chuan system called Guang Ping Yang Taiji Chuan.  Welcome  gpytcjapan.com

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Has anyone got good recommendations? Preferably one where I have a sparring partner.

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Anyone knows of beach volley clubs that I can join in and around Tokyo?

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Any idea of a club to join that plays squash on a regular schedule?

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Any idea where can I watch the final game tomorrow with a group of friends?

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Any suggestions on a good place to go?

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Any idea where I can get classes for Yabusame or horseback archery? Anywhere in Tokyo would be fine.

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Any recommendations for gyms/instructors?

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Any recommendations for bike trails for some amateur bikers?

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Any recommendations for a good MMA gym?

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Any recommendations for a sports bar that shows live streaming of this?

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I am looking for nice camping venues in or around Tokyo; any recommendations?

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Any chess club for expats that I can join in?

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Any ideas if there are classes of Capoeira offered anywhere here?

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I am looking for recommendations for an outdoor climbing or bouldering venue near Tokyo Central. Anybody got recommendations?

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Anyone knows of a group that plays ultimate frisbee on a regular basis?

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Anyone knows where to play amateur squash games with fellow expats?

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I am looking for an amateur basketball to team to join. Anyone got recommendations?

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Any recommendations for good skate shops that stocks new parts? And skating parks within the city also. Thanks!

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Looking for dance classes in Tokyo; would love to do street dance again or try something new like salsa, tango etc.. Does anyone know where there is a good teacher and dance studio? 

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