Alternative Therapies & Wellness

Dr Michelle Qaqundah ND, FABNO - Naturopathic Doctor
American-trained naturopathic doctor specialising in womens health, gastrointestinal complaints, chronic disease, immune dysfunction, mental/emotional health and integrative oncology. Located in Lucca; Skype visits are also available.
Alexandre LEDUC - Florence Chiropractic
Relief from back, neck and joint pain, sprain relief. Wholly manual and natural method of pain release. Two offices in Florence : 42 Viale G. Matteotti and 1 Piazza Mercato Nuovo, Florence. Call for rapid appointment.
Binnie Degli Innocenti (MCOH)
Holistic therapist-healer at Via Goito 12, Florence (FI).
Cecilia Peccerini
Specialist in Dance Movement Therapy and also treats emotional disorders in childhood and youth and supporting pregnancy. Office Hours are Wed. and Fri. 09:30 – 16:00 by appointment only. 79 Via San Gallo , 50129 Firenze (FI).
Australian Remedial Massage & Holistic Therapist
Therapist and Reiki Master. Providing Reiki (and courses), Relaxation, Lymphatic & Deep Tissue Massages, IFR, Australian Bush Flowers, and Creative Expression Courses. Home visits and clinic at Via Battisti, Viareggio, (LU).
Michael Brookman Herbalist & Iridologist
Treatment and analysis for all conditions. Service also suitable for dogs and other animals. At Casa della Luce, 3 Vaggia, Orturano 54021 Bagnone (MS).
Dr Valerio Grandi
Homoeopathic doctor at Via Villari 14, Florence (FI).
Bert Schmitz Psychologist, Mindful Psychotherapist/Coach, MB...
Rolfing enhances posture and freedom of movement. It can resolve pain and discomfort, including: back pain, repetitive motion injury, trauma, aging. Also good foundation for and complement to yoga, pilates and other wellness practices.
Rolfing by Bert Schmitz
Rolfing enhances posture and freedom of movement. It can relieve pain and discomfort like back pain, repetitive strain injury, trauma and aging. Studio at 24 Via di Spedaletto, Grassina (FI).
Marta Checchi
Specialist in Dance Movement Therapy. By appointment only. 79 Via San Gallo , 50129 Firenze (FI).
Balance Studio Chiropratico
Private and semi-private Pilates instruction with Reformer and Wunda Chair equipment. At 9/B via Montarioso, Monteriggioni, 53035 (SI).
Dr John Andresini D.C.
Chiropractic surgery in Viareggio on Saturday mornings from 08:00 to 11:30. At 193 Via Don Bosco, Viareggio, 55049 (LU).
Vacanze Senesi
Variety of cooking classes from learning to cook traditional Tuscan food to medieval cooking complete with banquet. Courses in wine available. Also specialise in wellness treatments such as shiatsu massage. At Via Mattioli 9/c, 53100 Siena (SI).
Sivananda Yoga
Sivananda affiliated centre for Hatha Yoga: daily drop-in classes, beginners courses and meditation at 1 Via de Marsili (corner Piazza Pitti) 50125 Florence (FI).
Dr Bruce Reyes, DC - Chiropractor
Chiropractor for classic manipulation of the spine and extremities for the general population. Specialises in cycling biodynamics. Trained at Palmer College of Chiropractic; more than 23 years of experience. Available in Lucca.
Dr. Ilaria Di Donato, Phd
Counsellor, supervisor, offer sessions, groups and trainings in Italian, English and French. Mindful Counselling, bodywork, mindfulness, Bach Flowers sessions and training. In Florence.
Dr Anthony McDougall
Sports chiropractor working in Florence, Siena, Prato and Figline with techniques applicable for all ages and musculoskeletal problems. Active Release Techniques, Kinesio Taping, and Palmer techniques. Individual or duet Pilates instruction available
Renaissance Help
Holistic therapy that re-synchronizes the bodys energy systems to allow the body to heal itself. Certified BodyTalk Practitioner Gay Bardin practices in Florence and organises Body Talk courses from Introductory to Advanced level.
Nina Peci Fitness & Personal Trainer
Professional personal training service to help with weight loss, toning, sport preparation and over-all fitness. Exercises and nutritional programs personalized to fit your needs. ISSA licensed in USA and Italy. At 42 Via Fontana, 50144 Florence, (FI).
CentroKi di Raffaella Lusiardi
Studio with a range of massage from Shiatsu to Cranio sacral therapy and also runs regular exercise and Pilates classes for small groups or individuals. At 21 Via Ponte, Fivizzano (MS).
Connie Shipley D.O. - Osteopath
Craniosacral osteopathy, joint/soft tissue manipulation, somato-emotional treatments. Back, neck, shoulder, sciatica, migraine, visceral problems. All ages. Surgeries in Marlia (LU) and Castelfranco di Sotto (PI).
Renaissance Help
Holistic therapy that re-synchronizes the bodys energy systems to allow the body to heal itself. Certified BodyTalk Practitioner Gay Bardin practices in Florence and organises Body Talk courses from Introductory to Advanced level.
Dr Luciano Gallo
Homoeopathic doctor at Via Capponcina 1, Settignano (FI).
Antonio Lelli
Acupuncture without needles by qualified professional at Via Trieste 22, 50139 Florence (FI).
Charlotte - Holistic Therapist and Reiki Master
Swedish full body massage, Indian head massage, Reflexology and Reiki. For home or studio appointments in the Lucca or surrounding area.
Allison Lee Axinn
School of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy in Tuscany for those interested in becoming a Transpersonal and Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist. Courses in Italian and English. Located in Pietrasanta.
Dr Stephen Smith
Doctor of Chiropractic for chiropractic adjustments, myofascial pain and trigger points. Clinic at 102/a Via S. Ammirato, Florence (FI) and 344 Via del Brennero, Lucca (LU).
Alternative health centre, English speaking therapists in counselling, reflexology, past life regression and other therapies. In Pietrasanta and Lucca.
Forever Living Products
Aloe vera dietary and beauty products. Available from 137 Via Coppino, 55049 Viareggio (LU).
Villaggio Globale
Centre for holistic medicine and personal wellness with massage, relaxation, rebalancing and psychocomatic massage at Villa Demidoff, Bagni di Lucca.