Architects & Surveyors

Architecture Studio Luca Borgogni
Italian architect based in Siena. Refurb, restoration and new builds. Residential and commercial architecture. At 6 Via Stalloreggi, Siena (SI).
Our Toscana
Team of qualified professionals offering personalised technical and contractual services for purchases or management of restorations of homes. Services include property surveys, purchase assistance, plans and permits.
Architecture Studio Daniele Galliani
Complete design service with experience ranging from restructuring to new build complexes. At 44 Via del Gomberaio, 55010 Camigliano (LU).
Paolo Bulletti Architect
We work to enhance your property. Whether it's renovating a building or an apartment, designing the interior layout of spaces and furnish them,  or creating a garden and a swimming pool. Boutique property professionals consultancy.
Benesperi Architects
Architects serving Florence, Prato and Lucca. Energy-conscious buildings, architectural design, refurbishment, and technical advice for interiors, furniture and fittings. Via Musicanti 25, Masotti, 51030 Serravalle Pistoiese.
Lucca Studio
Small firm of locally based architects for buying and surveying property, refurbishment and paperwork involved in buying, renovating or refurbishing property. At 6 Via Del Battistero, 55100 Lucca (LU).
Studio Strutture
Structural engineers covering design and build. Industrial and private projects as well as roads and bridges. 80 Via Casato di Sopra, 53100 Siena (SI).
Studio AxS - Architecture for Sustainability
Architecture firm offering advice and specific solutions for sustainable building design and the rational use of energy. 204 Via Vecchia Pesciatina, San Marco, 55100 Lucca (LU).
Nicholas Tedford
British Architects in Italy for renovation of properties in Italy and the UK. Studio in Florence as well as carpentry, stone and metal workshop supplying bespoke interiors.
Severi & Mazzeschi Architects
Architectural firm based in Arezzo, covering Cortona and central Tuscany. Pre-purchase advice, assistance with selecting property as well as traditional architectural services. Native English-speaking legal consultant.
Lorenzo Daveri Architecture Studio
Renovation, restoration and rebuilding. Work throughout Tuscany from site survey to contracts and planning procedures. At 1 Via di Violino, 52037 San Sepsepolcro (AR).
Georisk Engineering
Research-oriented technical consulting company based in Florence, operating internationally in the fields of geotechnical engineering, civil engineering, risk analysis and advanced data analysis. At Piazza Fra' Girolamo Savonarola 11, 50132 Florence.
Toscana Project
Architects, surveyors, builders, roofers and carpenters all at Via Roma 5/c, 53040 San Casciano dei Bagni (SI).
De Vita & Fici
English speaking architects Alessandra and Filippo. Interior and furniture design specialists. At 71 Via Fra G. Angelico, 50121 Florence (FI).
Daniele Bedini
Architect at Via di Pulica 129, 50056 Montelupo Fiorentino, Florence (FI).
Patrick Stappers Architetto
Dutch architect with office in Florence: urbanism, architecture, interior and retail design. Italian, English and Dutch spoken.
Claudio Nardi Architects
Commercial and private projects. At 63 Via Ippolito Pindemonte, 50124 Florence (FI).
Surveyor Gianvito Cardone
Professional surveyor specialising in Italian due-diligence investigations for potential property buyers. At Via Bonifacio Lupi 29, 50129 Florence.
VPS Architects
Architectural firm with a wide range of services from property search to feasibility studies, design, construction supervision and sourcing in Tuscany. At Via Asproni 40, Cagliari 09123.
Studio Baldini s.r.l.
Architects working in the residential field. Environmental engineering, hydraulic systems and urban road conditions. At 54 Via S. Martino, Pisa 56125 (PI).
Pardini Hall architecture
British Italian firm specialised in sustainable design for refurbishment and new build. Technical support on permits. Interior design. Landscape design.
Living in Tuscany
Research for a second home in Tuscany and Umbria as well as technical advice regarding permits, incentives, technical survey, feasibility study, architectural and structural projects with on site coordination. At 18 Localita Il Pino, Pian di Sco 52026.
ASZ Partners
Architectural firm for retail and private projects based at Via Capo di Mondo 62, Florence 50136.
Architects, restoration and urban redevelopment, research and planning, projects and advisory, competitions. At Via G.M. Terreni 32, Livorno 57122 (LI).
Architecture and real estate services in Lucca in Tuscany. Surveyors, architects and engineering firm. Specialist real estate consultancy. Purchase and sale, renovations and approvals with authorities.
André Benaim Studio Di Architettura
Florentine architect at Via della Fornace 11, 50125 Florence.
Studio PCG
Florence-based team of consultants from surveyor to engineer providing a complete range of real estate services.
Bolko von Schweinichen
English, Dutch, German and French speaking architect in Florence specialising in the renovation of country houses, villas, and castles. Via dell'Ortone 2, 50122 Florence.
Archea Architects
International architects with offices in Beijing, Dubai, Milan and Florence. At 13 Lungarno Benvenuto Cellini, 50125 Florence (FI).