Business Consultants & Advisors

Full range of business and financial consultancy services include risk management, internal audit, mergers and business recovery services. At Viale Milton Giovanni 65, 50129 Florence (FI).
Commercialisti Consulting Tax-Accounting Firm
English speaking tax lawyer and auditor with office centrally located in Florence. At: 53 Via Dei Sette Santi, Florence, 50131 (FI).
Michele Chiarini
Freelance consultant specialising in business support services: market research, local knowledge and contacts, events organisation, interpretation, visits organisation, marketing support. At 107 via G Paisiello, Firenze (FI).
Provides a specialist security consultancy for both Corporate clients and private individuals throughout Italy and worldwide. We have a range of services to give people and real life situations protection and security instead of being potential victims.
Golden Wing
Experts in preparing for bids for international tenders. Additional services include marketing, advertising and knowledge of import and export procedures. Based in Florence.
Business consultant with experience in Italy. Help setting up a business and advice on market positioning. At: 22 Via Marsilio Ficino, Florence, 50132 (FI).
International accounting and auditing firm also offering staff administrative services including payroll and business consultancy. At Viale Machiavelli 29, 50125 Florence.
SBS Financial Services
A financial company that offers brokerage and business consulting. At: 7/4 Piazza Liberazione, 54100, Massa (MS).
Deutsche Bureau AG
Multi-lingual secretarial, administrative and virtual business support services 24 hour a day. See website for further details.
Austin & Williams
Wide range of business services from advertising and marketing to business planning and training. At Via G.B. Amici 25, 50131 Florence (FI).
The British Chamber Of Commerce
Business and financial services include market research, financial procedures including payroll, translation and interpreting. At Via Dante 12, 20121 Milano.
Full complement of business and financial services include management consultancy, project management, accounting, bookkeeping, financial consulting and marketing. At C. Italia 17, 50123 Florence (FI).
The Other Way
The Other Way offers interactive workshops, training courses and consulting services focused on the practical learning of concrete skills. Our specialties are personalized programs in Conflict Management and Creativity & Innovation.
Ernst & Young
Accounting, auditing and business consultancy services at Piazza della Liberta 9, 50129 Florence (FI).
Due Teste Consulting
Consulting services specialising in telephone based Business Development and Marketing Services including analysis of your business strengths and weaknesses and analysis of the market and your competitors. At Via Ruga 20, Palleggio Bagni Di Lucca 5502
Italian Fashion and Design
Based in Florence for 14 years. Sourcing mens/womenswear, accessories for retail buyers in America and Europe. Acting as intermediary, helping customer with orders placed to the point of dispatch. At 37 Via dellErta Canina, Florence (FI).
Golden Wing Import / Export
Global marketing services, business development import/export assistance. Office at 7 Piazza Leopoldo, 50134 Florence (FI).
Azioni Privilegiate
PR, development of European partnership projects, distribution analysis and training are some of the services offered. At Via Masaccio 20, 50136 Florence (FI).
The Web Enhancer
Assistance to companies and individuals for website content, layout and architectural flow. Proof-reading of web content and translation English/Italian. At 11 Via Stradello di Ago, Scarperia 50038 (FI).
Firenze Business
Promotes the excellence of the Florence area with a view to attracting the finest technological, financial, entrepreneurial and human resources at via Por S. Maria, Palazzo Borsa Merci, 50122 Florence (FI).
Manage business services including finance and administration, professional services and human resources. At Via Pier Capponi 57, 50132 Florence (FI).
Range of services for businesses in the fashion industry. Include product exporting, finding agents and distribution, market and financial analysis. Provide personnel training for target markets. At Villa Strozzi, Via Pisana 77, 50143 Florence (FI).