Car Dealers: Sales New & Used

Automobile dealers selling a range of new cars. Located at 93/S vl. Guidoni, 50127 Florence (FI).
English Car
Automobile dealers in English cars including Land Rover. At Via Empoli 4/b, 50142 Florence (FI).
Dealers in new cars as vl. Olmi 55, 50144 Florence (FI).
Dealers in new cars. 71, Via Fonderia 50142 Florence (FI).
EU sourced new cars. Tax-free imports on Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Land Rover. Italian residents and companies only. At Via Leone Vivi, Montecatini Terme (PI).
Buratti Concessionario Kia e Renault
Kia and Renault dealership for sales, repairs and spare parts. Ask for Simon. At Via S. Ammirato 9/13/r, 50136 Florence (FI).
Leonori Motor Home Rental
Sale and hire of caravans, RVs, Winnebago and motor homes. No mileage limit. At Via Tosca ang Via Erbosa, 51100 Pistoia (PT).