Dr Alessandro Piccioli
Dentist at Via Vico 20, Florence (FI).
Dr Marcello Luccioli
Dentist trained at Michigan University and does Facial surgery. In his office he has specialists in Endodontic and Orthodontics. Office Hours are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 15:00- 18:30. 21 Via dei Serragli, 50124 Florence (FI).
Dr Laura Marchesi
Dentist got medical degree at Florence and has had professional training in Milan. Does Orthodontics and Periodontics. Office hours are 08:30 - 12:30 , 15:00 - 19:00 pm. (by appointment). 5 Via della Cernaia , 50132 Florence (FI).
Dr Nicola Paoleschi
Periodontics, esthetic dentistry, oral implants, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, hygiene and whitening by English speaking dentist at 12 Viale Gramsci, Florence (FI).
Dr Francesco Pedetta
Specialist in Orthodontics and dentofacial Orthpedica. Office Hours are Monday -Friday 09:30 -17:30. Visits by appointment. 4 Via Cavour , Pisa.
Dr. Franco Giuliani
Dentist graduated in medicine, is a Member of the American Dental Association and has done refresher courses in U.S.Visits by appointment. 40 Via delle Porte Nuove, Florence (FI).
Studio Dentistico Dott. Cesare Paoleschi
Dental implants, professional teeth whitening, lasers, surgery and more at Viale Gramsci 12, 50132 Florence (FI); Via V. Veneto 34, Viareggio (LU) and Via Brunelleschi 1, Prato (PO).
Bindi Dental Studio
Dental clinic. Treatments include colour corrections, veneers, bridgework, fillings and restorative work, implant therapy, sinus lift, periodontal and oral surgery procedures. Open weekday 08:30-20:30. Via Giosue Carducci 16, 50121 Florence.
Dr. Emilio Francini Naldi
Dental aesthetic, implants, prostheses, consultancy and surgery at Via Aretina 67/b, 50136 Florence (FI).
Dr. Silvia Allegrini: Specialist in Orthodontics
Orthodontics specialist with a Masters degree from the University of Boston. At: Via 2005 Tosco-Romagnola, Pisa-Navacchio, 56023 (PI).
Studio Dott. Carlo Vigiani
English speaking dentist with experience. At via Lamarmora 29, Florence, 50122, (FI).
Studio Trentanove
Dentistry and orthodontics, implants, cosmetic procedures, surgery, TMJ/lockjaw specialist at Via Senese 12, 50124 Florence (FI).
Dr. Giano Ricci
Dentist Specialising in periodontics. Office hours are Monday – Thursday: 08:00 – 17:00. Friday 08:00 - 14:00. 26 Via Gino Capponi, 50121 Florence (FI).
Dr Elena Speranza Moll,
No-pain laser-assisted dentistry in implantology, periodontology, orthodontics, laser bleaching, aesthetic dentistry at Via Ponchielli 21b, 50018 Scandicci (FI).
Dr Alessandro Marchesi
Dentist spent six years in the Department of Maxillo-facial Surgery at the University of Florence and is available for check-ups. There is also an orthodontist and a dental hygienist on staff. Office hours are Monday – Friday: 15:00 - 19:30. Tue
Studio Dentistico Dott. Rogier Staal
Dental surgery,with specialisation in implantology and aesthetic dentistry. English, Dutch, French, German and Italian spoken. At 25-a Via Farnesi, Lucca (LU).
Dr. Robert Roy
For 20 years, Dr. Robert Roy has been offering patients the best possible solutions for their oral and esthetic healthcare. Cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, orthodontics. Fillings, bridges and all types of consultations. Centrally located in Pisa.
Dott.ssa Marja-Leena Peltonen
Dental surgery at 20 via Cherubini, 50100 Florence (FI).
Studio Guasti Massai
Dental practice based in Florence. Offers all orthodontic and dentistry services. English speaking staff.
Dr Giovanni Fazi
Dentist trained in the US does Implants, Periodontology, Othodoncitcs and Dentistry. Office Hours are Monday – Friday 09:30 – 01:00 and 02:30 – 07:30. 22 Via A. La Marmora, Florence (FI).
Studio Odontoiatrico Associato Dei Dott. Cortellini E Stalpe...
Dental surgery at 16 Via Botta Carlo 50136 Florence (FI).
Dr. Gabriele Floria DDS
Dental practice equipped with the latest digital technology for functional, fixed, and aesthetic treatment:children and adults including CAD/CAM braces and transparent aligners. At 73 Viale Antonio Gramsci, Florence and Monsummano Terme.
Dr. Steven Verhelst
Dental surgery, implants, orthodontics, bleaching, oral hygienist. Via Banchi di Sopra 31, 53100 Siena (SI).
Dr Raffaello Pagni
Dentist at Via Lamarmora 29, Florence (FI).
Dr Jana Mervelt
Dentist specialising in periodontics. Speaks English Russian and Estonian. At 6 Via degli Artisti, 50132 Florence (FI).
Dr Adriana Luzzi Castaldi
Dentist since 1985,and is a member of the Associazione Medici Dentisti Italiani.Office hours are Monday – Friday 09:00– 12:00 and 16:00 – 19:00. 40 Via Lorenzetti , Arezzo.