Financial Consultants & Tax Advisors

Spectrum IFA
Italian branch of regulated financial advisory UK financial services firm. Retirement planning, investment and financial advice.
Enrico Philip Gilioli
Tax Consultant at 69 Via di Santa Maria a Marignolle, 50124 Florence (FI).
Manage business services including finance and administration, professional services and human resources. At Via Pier Capponi 57, 50132 Florence (FI).
Full range of business and financial consultancy services include risk management, internal audit, mergers and business recovery services. At Viale Milton Giovanni 65, 50129 Florence (FI).
Studio Capaccioli
Legal, fiscal and financial advice and assistance offered.
Full complement of business and financial services include management consultancy, project management, accounting, bookkeeping, financial consulting and marketing. At Corso Italia 17, 50123 Florence (FI).
Financial and tax consultants in Florence (FI).
Marchini & Associati
Qualified accountants offering services in accountancy, corporate and tax affairs as well as in strategic consultancy to improve financial and operational performance including IT services and tax dispute resolution services.
Pier Giovanni Ascari & Soci
Tax Consultants at 55 Via Prampolini, 41100 Modena.
Business consultant with experience in Italy. Help setting up a business and advice on market positioning. At: 22 Via Marsilio Ficino, Florence, 50132 (FI).
The Legacy Superannuation Trust
Occupational Retirement Scheme is registered, tax-recognized and non-vested. Available to anyone of any nationality, wherever you work, and whatever your occupation. Get more information and become a member!