Lawyers, Law Firms & Legal Advice

Fulvio Faraoni Avvocato
Civil law and family law specialists. At Via A Giacomini 25, 50132 Florence (FI).
Silvia Larese
Independent lawyer offering legal services in European, family and financail law. At 58 Via Marconi, 50131 Florence (FI).
Filippo Graziadei
Lawyer specialising in civil and commercial law, divorce, marriage, inheritance, debt recovery, contract law and copyright law. At 4 Via de Tornabuoni, 50123 Florence (FI).
Petrocchi & Partners - Attorneys at Law
Legal services to Italian and foreign clients including corporate law, M&A, labour law, debt collection, bankruptcy law, real estate and litigation. At Viale Matteotti 25, Florence 50121.
Francesco Maresca Avvocato
Lawyer specialising in penal law. At Via de Vecchietti 1, 50123 Florence (FI).
Michele Barbieri, Stefano Borsacchi
Legal representation in family, civil and financial law. Can provide the services of a certified translator and Italian notary. At 25 Via Paoli , 56126 Pisa (PI).
Tombari-Laroma & Associates
English lawyer specialized in international tax and trust law advising Italian and non-Italian corporate and individual clients on how to maximise tax efficiency for cross-border investment. At 7 Via Maggio, 50125 Florence (FI).
Studio Legale Studio Nitti
Multidisciplinary law firm focused on business law. Open Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 19:00. At Via della Torretta 16, 50137 Florence.
Studio Legale Mastellone
Boutique law firm representing foreign business and private investors in Italy as well as Italian companies and individuals investing abroad and non-profit organisations. At Via Gustavo Modena 23, 50121 Florence.
Studio legale Tedioli
Litigation law firm offering legal consultancy and representation in issues of civil and business law as well as agricultural law, insolvency and corporate law. At Via Pietro Frattini, n. 7, 46100 Mantova
Maria Grazia Antoci Avvocato
Qualified lawyer providing legal counsel to expatriate individuals and companies on local and international matters: real estate and property, inheritance and wills, fashion Law and intellectual property, contracts, company creation. At Lungarno A Vespucc...
Bhabita Nanwani Avvocato
International lawyer at Via del Corso 2, 50122 Florence (FI).
Studi Legale Dell'Avvocato Stabilito Francesca Sarrachi Abog...
English Speaking Lawyer based in Massa-Carrara (previously in the UK). Practice areas are: civil and commercial law, family law, EU and international law as well as debt recovery. English, Italian and Spanish spoken. 
Studio Legale Chianini
English speaking lawyer Francesco Chianini provides a full legal service and assistance for Tuscany. At 13 via Fulvio Croce, 52100 Arezzo (AR).
Emanuela Fumagalli Avvocato
Civil law, estates and family law. At Via G Dolfi 1, 50129 Florence (FI).
Vitale & Partners
International law firm (offices in Europe and USA) offering legal assistance in international investments and finance, litigation and arbitration. At Via Paolo Frajese 5, 53100 Siena.
Federico Antich Avvocato
Civil (private) law, commercial law, international private and commercial law and litigation. At 261/a Via R. Giuliani, 50141 Florence (FI).
Mazzeschi Srl
Boutique law firm specialized in Italian corporate and commercial law, business immigration and citizenship law. Our multilingual staff assists clients throughout Italy with a variety of complex matters from immigration applications to company set up. &nb...
Luca Fanelli Avvocato
Law practice specialising in labour disputes and social security issues. At Piazza Isidoro del Lungo, 1, Florence.
Intellectual and industrial property law including filing procedures right through to granting and defending patents, trademarks, designs and copyrights. At 40/N Via Salvo Dacquisto, 56025 Pontedera (PI).
Carlotta Barbetti
Law firm offering legal advice on adoptions, motor accidents, child custody, collection, corporate, foreign claims, insurance, labour relations, divorce, civil damages, contracts and estates. At Via Cavour 104, 50129 Florence (FI).
Del Carlo Lucini Law Firm
English speaking lawyer with expertise in labour, commercial and civil law. At 38 Via F. Carrara, 55100, Lucca (LU).
Studio Legale Associato Rossi & Perini
Law firm specialisting in financial, family and employment law. At 102 Via Maragliano, 50144 Florence (FI).
Olivieri Ciapetti & Partners
International, commercial, company and tax law specialists. At Lungarno Vespucci 58, 50123 Florence (FI).
Studio Legale-Tributario Borio
Chartered accountant and lawyer specialising in international, property, commercial and company and fiscal law, torts, litigation, arbitration and labour law. At Via Finlandia 20, Florence (FI).
Studio Legale Avv. Goller
Lawyer in Pisa for legal advice and assistance in property law, damages and compensation law, family law, inheritance law, investment and commercial law. Based in San Giuliano Terme (PI).
Federico Frediani
Lawyer practicing employment & civil law. At 14 Via Bonifacio Lupi , 50129 Florence (FI).
Studio Legale Ferraro, Guglielmi
Law firm in Florence and Grosseto dealing in real estate, corporate, maritime, civil, tax and administrative law. At Via Lorenzo il Magnifico n° 26, 50129 Florence.
Andrea Del Re
Legal representation in marriage/divorce, patents/trademarks/copyrights and car accident cases. At 8 Lungarno Archibusieri, 50121 Florence (FI).
Tonucci & Partners
International law firm. At 50121 Via Gustavo Modena, 21 Florence.
Lattanzi Studio
Law firm providing counsel on local and international matters for foreign residents since 1995. Legal advice on property law, debt collection, tort, accidents, insolvency and bankruptcy procedure. At 32 Via Burlamacchi, 55100 Lucca (LU).
Jacopo Monaci Naldini Avvocato
Property, international company and commercial lawyer and notary. At JMU Law Firm, Via Cavour 80, 50129 Florence (FI).
Mariangela Marrangoni
Legal representation in civil, family and financial law. At Pod. Casino della Rosa, 15 53020 Trequanda (Siena).
Filippo Eugene Luchi
Advice in commercial, criminal and international law matters. At Via XX Settembre 27, 55045 Pietrasanta (LU).
Enrico Lattanzi
Lawyer practicing in international financial and civil law. Business hours are Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 19:00. At Via Burlamacchi 32, 55100 Lucca. (LU).
Paolo Oliva, Raffaele Simon
Legal practice specialising in civil damages, estates, business law, insurance, marketing agreements, patents and copyright and car accidents. At Largo Ciro Menotti 13, 56127 Pisa (PI).
Olivetti Rason Law Firm
Civil, commercial, corporate and tax law, assistance to private clients, companies, entrepreneurs, financial and trust companies. At 25 Viale Matteotti, 50121 Florence (FI).
Studio Auricchio
Family law and notarial firm with civil law practice and notary services under one roof and English spoken. Offices at 26 Via Ponte di Formicola, 50018 Scandicci and 96r Via San Zanobi, 50129 Florence (FI).
Partners Lando Ferradini, Simone Ferradini & Marcella Ristori. Law firm that practices in civil and financial law. Piazza Santo Stefano 2, 50125 Florence (FI)
Carlo Ricci Avvocato
Law firm specialising in litigation, international private, corporate and commercial, contracts, intellectual and industrial property, oil and gas and European Union law. At Viale Belfiore 10, 50144 Florence (FI).
Mario Borio
Lawyer with degree in international tax law and certified public accountant. At 20 Via Finlandia, 50126 Florence (FI).
MDM Studio
Legal represention in business, civil and financial law. At 37 Via Giotto , 50121 Florence (FI)
M. Caterina Pecchioli
Legal representation in civil & housing law and trust Law. At La Torre, Via Rondinelli 5, 50123 Florence (FI).
Lorenzo Contri OBE Avvocato
Law practice dealing in matters of civil law, contracts, torts, property, company and commercial law. At Via Pico della Mirandola 9, 50132 Florence (FI).
Gianmarco Muzj
Law partnership assisting both Italian and foreign clients. All attorneys are fluent in English and the practice's working languages also include Spanish, French and German. Notary available for publicly registered acts including property transfers, busin...
Gian Franco Borio
Legal representation in international tax law. At 20 Via Finlandia, 50126 Florence (FI).
Studio Capaccioli
Legal, fiscal and financial advice and assistance provided. At Via San Gallo 76, 50129 Florence (FI).
Leonardo Castoldi
Legal advice in commercial and fiscal law. At 195/M Via Francesco Ferrucci , 59100 Prato (PO).
Lorenzo Corsini
Law firm offering assistance with taxes, financial banking, contracts, corporate and foreign investment. At Via San Gallo 76, 50129 Florence (FI).
Studio Legale Frosini
Civil law, family law, corporate law, real estate law and contracts. At 9 Viale Luigi Cittadini, 52100 Arezzo (AR).
Andrea Gallori
Legal advice in criminal and civil law including personal injury, probate, business law, domestic and landlord/tenant issues. At 6 Piazza Acciaiuoli, 50124 Florence (FI).
Vieri Adriani Avvocato
English and French speaking law firm offering civil and criminal legal assistance in Tuscany and wider Italy with mother tongue English and French associates. For cases in English please contact  39 388 997 3298.
Simone Calzolai & Daniela Landini
Law practice dealing with family, employment, corporations, administrative and financial law. At Via Toscana n.2/F (zona Macrolotto), Prato (PO).
Massimo Cocchi Avvocato
Commercial and civil law, family law, estates, property and international law. At Via G Garibaldi 15, 50123 Florence (FI).
Nathan G. Spicer
American practicing law in USA and in Italy, based in Pesaro. Expertise in international law and Italian law. At Via Branca n. 30, Pesaro (PU).
Enrico Cortese
Solicitors specialising in accident, separation and divorce law. At Piazza Donati 15, 56100 Pisa (PI).
Francesco P. Olivieri - Olivieri Ciapetti & Partners
Legal advice: admiralty and maritime law; arbitration, human and civil Rights; international trade; investments; offshore construction; real estate; taxation; trusts and estates. At Via Palestro, 4 50123 Florence.
International Law Studio
Avv. Elisabetta Bianchi and Avv. Vincent E Lualdi specialise in international and civil law. At Piazza Indipendenza 21, 50129 Florence (FI).
Pinci & Associates
International lawyer practice offering services in a large range of areas including corporate, banking, litigation, telecommunications, intellectual property and IT. See website for full details of all areas covered. At Via Roma 3, 50123 Florence (FI).
Stelfox Antuofermo & Associates
Stelfox Antuofermo & Associates specialise in property/commercial transactions for foreigners. UK lawyer practicing in Italy. Bespoke international legal advice, practical local solutions. At Via Del Moro 14, 55100, Lucca.
Andrea Scavetta
Legal advice in international, civil, penal, & commercial law. At 30 Via Ricasoli , 50122 Florence (FI).
Carlo H. Mastellone
Practicing corporate and commercial, contractual, litigation and real estate law. At 23 Via Gustano Modena , 50129 Florence (FI).
Gian Luigi Medici Studio Legale Medici
Lawyer practicing penal and civil litigation, qualified to practice at level of Supreme Court. At 80 Via San Gallo , 50129 Florence (FI).
Luchetti & Partners
Legal, tax and financial consultants specialising in property, company, inheritance and commercial law. Offices in Recanati (MC), Mogliano (MC) and Borgo Allegro, 15, Pietrasanta, Versilia (LU).
Alessandra Cirri Avvocato
Civil and commercial law, divorce, inheritance, private international law, EU law, recovery of credits, bankruptcies and contract law. At Borgo Pinti 86, 50121 Florence (FI).