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Toscana e Chianti News
Online and in print English newspaper dealing with the Chianti area of Tuscany. At: 17/7 Via Kassel, 50126, Firenze (FI)
Barga News
Website in English with news of the most Scottish town in Tuscany.
The Velvet Circle Agency
Multimedia lifestyle agency specializing in style and fashion events, culture, art, cuisine, and production of video content. At 43 Via Puccinotti, 50129 Florence (FI).
American Mag
Online monthly magazine produced in Rome. All content and archives are available online.
Your House in Italy
Your House in Italy is an Italian real estate magazine on sale every month. Terra Nova Editore s.r.l. 269 Viale Regina Margherita, 00198, Rome.
The Amercian
An independent monthly magazine produced in Rome and distributed in all major Italian cities, as well as to select cities in Europe and North America. At 1/E Via Bertoloni, 00197, Rome.
Livorno Now
Website dedicated to the port town of Livorno. Part of the Locals in the Know group with articles about events and traditions from the area surrounding Livorno.
Italy Magazine
Italy Magazine is published monthly. Available in newsagents or through subscription worldwide.
The Florence Newspaper
English language newspaper for Florence and Tuscany. Office at 37r Via Maffia, 50125 Florence (FI).
Magazine detailing whats on in and around Lucca available at newstands. At Via Francesconi, 2, 55012 Capannori (LU).
BBC World Service
English-language radio programmes and news available on short wave and on the internet.
Valley Life
Subscription English and Italian language magazine for the Upper Tiber Valley covering local news and events for Arezzo, Cortona and Umbria. At Via Regina Elena 20, fraz. Lippiano, 06010 Monte S.Maria Tiberina (PG).
AFN Eagle
English language radio station for military base Camp Darby on 106.0 and 107.0 fm.
Corriere della Sera
Italian newspaper that can be read in English online. It includes features on life, politics, news and receipes.
Rai International Radio
Daily foreign language news bulletins on short wave and via the internet.
The Florentine
A fortnightly publication in English of news and events in the Florence area. Office at 4 via de Bacchi, Florence (FI).
See Ten TV
English / Italian program showcasing the best in arts and culture. On Toscana TV channel from 06:00 to 10:00 and Digital Terrestrial TV 24/7.
Vatican Radio
News from the Vatican online.