Medical Laboratories & Test Centres

Studio Ecografico - Dr. Stefano Ciatti
Echography, mammograms and traditional radiology as well as cardiology tests. 13 Via San Giorgio, interno 8/9, Prato.
Centro Toscano Analisi Mediche - Dr. Spadolini
Blood tests for white blood cells, cholesterols, STDs, diabetes, infections and immunology. Laboratory in 28 Via Cavour, Florence (FI).
Istituto Analisi - Dr. Mayer
Checks blood for sugar levels, blood type, inflammation, antibody levels and organ function. Laboratory at 1 Via Roma, Florence (FI).
Analisi Mediche Donatello
Blood tests for blood count, blood typing, glucose levels, hormone levels, food intolerance and diseases. Laboratory at 16 Piazzale Donatello, Florence (FI).
Ultramicroanalysis Laboratory
Blood examined for blood count, chemical levels, diseases and toxins. 8 Via Cherubini, Florence (FI).
Analisi Cliniche Lamarmora
Blood analysed for infections, blood count, viruses and allergies. Laboratory at 24 Via Lamarmora, Florence (FI).
Istituto Analisi Mediche Hermes
Investigates blood for allergies, cancer, environmental toxins, metabolism rates, autoimmune diseases and viruses. 16 Via Guicciardini, Florence (FI).
Analisi Mediche Analytica
Analysis of blood for enzyme levels, diabetes, pregnancy, illnesses and STIs. Laboratory at 5a Via A. da Settimello, Florence (FI).
Casa di Cura San Rossore
Private Health Centre located in Pisa. Reception open for information and appointment booking Monday to Friday from 09:00 - 13:00 and 15:00 - 19:00. Saturday from 09:00 - 13:00. At 152/f Viale delle Cascine, 56122 Pisa, (PI).
Istituto Fanfani
Blood checked for blood chemistry, hormone levels, blood clotting and illnesses. Call and ask for Deborah Coppini. Laboratory in 18b Piazza Indipendenza , Florence (FI).
Range of medical tests including x-rays, mammograms, smear tests, blood tests and testing blood pressure. 60/62 Viale F.lli Rosselli, Florence (FI).
Analisi Mediche Sangallo
Carries out non-invasive procedures : blood tests, cervical smears, ultrasounds and asthma testing. Laboratory in 27 Viale Matteotti, Florence (FI).