Notary Public, Notaio & Notarial Services

Studio Notarile Nappi
English speaking notary in the heart of the centro storico of Siena available to process all property transactions, register commercial contracts and draw up wills, drafting, approving, authenticating, notarising and registering legal acts in Italy. At Vi...
Francesco DAmbrosi
Notary studio -English spoken. At 276 Viale della Repubblica, 59100 Prato (PO).
Giuseppe La Gamba
Notary for property purchase with English speaking support staff and translation service available. At 27 Via Rimini, 59100 Prato (PO).
Filippo Barsanti
Notary with experience of English speaking clients. Will arrange for translation of documents to be notarised, wills to be drawn up and property transactions validated. At 7 Via XXV Aprile, 50031 Barberino di Mugello (FI).
Studio Auricchio
Family law and notarial firm with civil law practice and notary services under one roof and English spoken.
Francesco Steidl
Notary with over 20 years experience helping English speaking clients through the house buying process. Also offers advice on wills and the establishment of limited companies. At 4 Via Giambologna, 50123, Florence (FI).
Stefano Bigozzi
Notary public in central Florence for all property transactions, registration of legal acts and wills. At 113 Via Gioberti, 50121 Florence (FI).
Dottor Lucia Niccolai
Notary at Via Pico della Mirandola 9, 50132 Florence (FI).
Carlo Speranzini
Family notary business with experience preparing and notarising all property transaction documentation for expatriates as well as will preparation service. At 7 Piazza Donatello, 50121 Florence (FI).
Studio Notarile Gunnella - Valia
Renowned notary firm with two English speaking notaries who deal with all types of notarial transactions for property, registration of contracts and wills. The firm deals mainly with property transactions, corporation and family law.&n...
Elena Mancini
Renown notary study, with English speaking notary and staff will provide with every service needed.