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DONATIONS 1 Home & Garden
Does anyone know where I can donate household goods and clothing? We are in the Massa-Carrara area of northern T...
started by: April-Lee-891050 · last update: 1492973888 · posted: 1484428596
Luca Antique Market 0 Home & Garden
Does anyone know if the outdoor antique market in Lucca is this weekend (Easter weekend) or the weekend of 4/22 ...
started by: Ripa21 · last update: 1491791262 · posted: 1491791262
Calling horse owners/riders 0 Pets & Animals
started by: CHERIE-207793 · last update: 1486412656 · posted: 1486412656
business registration and tax return 0 Financial & Legal
Hi there,I wonder if anyone could help with this question: I've just moved to Lucca from London and have ...
started by: carmenklammer · last update: 1485952885 · posted: 1485952885
Selling second hand furniture 2 Home & Garden
My partner and I lived in Quarrata for 3 years. We returned to Australia in a hurry and left our furniture in st...
started by: Hayley-Anderson-864889 · last update: 1480548130 · posted: 1468919162
BABY SITTER 1 Families & Kids
started by: ilaria-ficcanterri-867966 · last update: 1479285659 · posted: 1472564927
Becoming an Ambulante 0 Financial & Legal
I am an American living near Bologna and would like to get an "Ambulante" license so I can sell my artwork, card...
started by: Paintfox · last update: 1479024639 · posted: 1479024639
English speaking Hairdresser / Beauticia... 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
I am looking for an english speaking hairdresser and beautician who could come to my home and help with my weddi...
started by: Allym · last update: 1474978004 · posted: 1474978004
Selling a car registered in France 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
OK, this is probably a really stupid question, but does anyone know if it's possible to sell a car here in Italy...
started by: Elena-912008 · last update: 1472498137 · posted: 1472498137
Long Term House/Pet Sitting Assignment W... 0 Home & Garden
We are pr...
started by: French Riveria House & Pet Sitters · last update: 1471787063 · posted: 1471787063
Manicure and Pedicure near Volterra 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
My wife is looking to find a good place for a manicure and pedicure near Volterra if possible. She is really loo...
started by: Ripa21 · last update: 1469912444 · posted: 1469912444
BREXIT 0 General
No one seems to know yet ...
started by: Dave W-839 · last update: 1469816096 · posted: 1469816096
TV & Internet, insurance for second home 1 Home & Garden
HelloWe've still not managed to put a TV in the house yet, are there any companies who will do this near ...
started by: Manxie-919953 · last update: 1469655804 · posted: 1468148164
Bagni di lucca v barga 7 Home & Garden
Hi everyone,  Just looking for some advice.  We've been researching and saving like mad to try ...
started by: jackiepaul61 · last update: 1469099671 · posted: 1437310409
Electrician / Plumber needed 0 Home & Garden
I am looking for an english speaking Electrician & Plumber in the area of Rignano Sull'Arno (Bagno a Ri...
started by: Allym · last update: 1469098831 · posted: 1468356920
English Speakers Needed for TEFL in Gros... 8 General
My name is Cynthia and I am American.  I've been living in Tuscany since 1994. I've been working for a prof...
started by: FOPCYN · last update: 1468525597 · posted: 1456446372
American searching for Summer work 0 General
I've recently moved to Argentario and am searching for Summer work. English is my mother tongue and my Italian i...
started by: Matthew-Adams-864326 · last update: 1468258571 · posted: 1468258571
English teacher needed 0 General
Teacher with English as a first language with ESL experience required in the Pisa area for September. For more i...
started by: Thomasteddy · last update: 1465824895 · posted: 1465824895
Payment of Rifuti 1 Financial & Legal
Hi can any one help. We have just received a debt collectors request for payment of a supposedly unpaid Rifuti bill...
started by: andyb-769046 · last update: 1465456733 · posted: 1458402727
Looking for a Masseuse 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
started by: Alyson-MUNRO-857172 · last update: 1461317803 · posted: 1461317803
mother/father&baby meetup group 1 Families & Kids
Hi there, I live in La Spezia and was wondering if anyone knows of an English speaking meetup group for parents ...
started by: ellaconnolly · last update: 1460815611 · posted: 1440320813
English Speaking Accountant IVA 1 Financial & Legal
Need some advise from an English speaking accountant near Volterra/Siena/Florence
started by: Gary-Kilby-854534 · last update: 1459507167 · posted: 1459348855
Porperty Management company wanted in Vo... 0 Home & Garden
Hi there, We are buying a small house near Volterra and will be using it frequently as a holiday home acr...
started by: pvell73 · last update: 1458333272 · posted: 1451247966
Easter Egg dyeing party for children 0 Families & Kids
Saturday 19 from 4 to 6 p.m. the Children's Lending Library is having an Easter Egg dyeing party for its members in...
started by: phoebe-769919 · last update: 1458290441 · posted: 1458290441
areas surrounding Florence 0 General
Two questions please.1. The areas within 30-45 mins outside of Florence, north, east, south, west, does any on...
started by: bleublack · last update: 1458114408 · posted: 1458114408
Musical teachers / schools / pubs 0 Entertainment
Hi! Just arriving in Sesto I am looking for the opportunities to practice electirc guitar playing or alte...
started by: Gleb87 · last update: 1456688034 · posted: 1456688034
Parent baby / toddler group 1 Families & Kids
Hi, my husband and two small kids & I will be moving to Lucca shortly. I would love to know if there are som...
started by: [email protected] · last update: 1456401688 · posted: 1455934465
Wedding Audio and lighting hire 0 Entertainment
Hi everyone, I am planning a wedding in Asciano September and I have a quote for audio and lights but it ...
started by: pennwolfe15 · last update: 1455213438 · posted: 1455213438
Long-term renting in Sesto Fiorentino 1 General
Hello all!   I am going to relocate to Sesto Fiorentino to work in University and lookin...
started by: Gleb87 · last update: 1454366447 · posted: 1451856993
Books and DVDs in Mandarin 0 Families & Kids
Hello everyone, I am looking for somewhere to buy books and DVDs for toddlers (age 0 - 5) in Mandarin. I was hop...
started by: SB-766919 · last update: 1452531878 · posted: 1452531878
Looking for babies and moms :) 2 Families & Kids
Hi everybody,  We (husband, myself and our daughter of 5 months) are moving to Scandicci this week. ...
started by: MamavanNeva · last update: 1451916811 · posted: 1449758039
Painter/Decorator in Volterra / San G. a... 0 Home & Garden
Hi, we are looking for our small property to be redecorated.  We are keen to get a painter who knows h...
started by: pvell73 · last update: 1451248139 · posted: 1451248139
Relocating 0 General
We are relocating and have items for sale, including antique and restored chaise longue, English Gentleman's lib...
started by: professor-10050083 · last update: 1450528355 · posted: 1450528355
Pet and Housesitting 0 Pets & Animals
Hi, does anyone need a petsitter in 2016?  I do quite a bit of pet and housesitting through the trustedhous...
started by: carolineailbe-311440 · last update: 1448457662 · posted: 1448457662
Leather sewing machine 0 General
Does anyone giving away a leather sewing machine? or knows where I can buy it at a reasonable price.
started by: Chen · last update: 1447809916 · posted: 1447809916
Changes to State pension age for women 2 General
A new campaign group has recently formed in the UK called WASPI (Women Against State Pension Inequality Campaign...
started by: patty-549001 · last update: 1447180590 · posted: 1446584444
Changes to State pension age for women 0 General
A new campaign group has recently formed in the UK called WASPI (Women Against State Pension Inequality Campaign...
started by: patty-549001 · last update: 1446584460 · posted: 1446584460
Boating 2 Sport & Leisure
When when we lived in Australia i did lot of  Dragon Boat racing, would liek  to find similar sport in...
started by: Eddiet · last update: 1446555218 · posted: 1446295739
Advice vvanted on the rental system in I... 0 Financial & Legal
Hello My partner and I are looking to rent a furnished property in or near Viareggio from the middle of N...
started by: Lesley-Ann-211122 · last update: 1446464201 · posted: 1446464201
Looking for friends in and around Ponted... 0 General
I've been here for a while now, and Pontedera is a far cry from Nice, I was wondering if there are any English s...
started by: Chen · last update: 1444430323 · posted: 1444430323
English lady new to the area of Lucca...... 19 General
Hi all, i have just moved into the Lucca area from Portsmouth, England and looking to meet fellow English...
started by: christy-10051112 · last update: 1444056938 · posted: 1441484341
Internet Key 1 General
Hi all, Hope you all had a fab summer. I am after your ideas......   I had a good Intern...
started by: angelaslade · last update: 1443604723 · posted: 1443469086
English speaking vet 0 Pets & Animals
Does anyone know of a good English speaking vet in the Lucca area? thanks, christy
started by: christy-10051112 · last update: 1441904656 · posted: 1441904656
Looking for English babysitter in Pisa 1 Families & Kids
Hello, We are looking for an English speaking (preferably to native level) babysitter for our 10 and 8 ye...
started by: crimartinelli · last update: 1441466457 · posted: 1441187216
Nanny in Lucca 2 Families & Kids
  Dear super nannies out there,
started by: mirkoegiulia · last update: 1438619277 · posted: 1438556064
On line banking help please? 0 Financial & Legal
Hello Can anyone tell me please how to set up a direct debit with Unicredit bank?  I have it online ...
started by: Manxie-919953 · last update: 1435003299 · posted: 1435003299
Can anyone recommend an Accountant? 2 Financial & Legal
We are looking for a recommendation for a reliable, English speaking accountant in the Arezzo, Tuscany area. Tha...
started by: expat1-770715 · last update: 1433354272 · posted: 1433050302
Documents needed after name change 0 Financial & Legal
Hi, I'm a citizen of AUS but live in Italy, so I have my various Italian ID documents - I just changed my legal ...
started by: Zoshia · last update: 1433181089 · posted: 1433181089
Siena 0 General
Hi, anyone around the Siena area interested in meeting up? I'm scottish living in France but I have a small hous...
started by: almorr · last update: 1432559660 · posted: 1432559660
Market place 1 General
Hi all, Does anyone know if there is any open market sales near and around the train station, where they ...
started by: Chen · last update: 1431813739 · posted: 1431813422